29 Suicide.(Past 2)

With a heavy heart, he asked her to abort the baby and move one, he can't have any family.'Her family might be as supportive as her, maybe they will understand.' he thought to himself. 

Although it hurts him, he has no option, no choice for himself. He can't endanger them.

But destiny laid another path for them.


After 9 months!

He was not over Raechal. He never moved on from them. His baby. His child. His own blood! But this was the truth he had to face.

But on one evening he received a call,

"Are you a family member of Raechal?"

Without wasting time, he rushed hospital, and when he came to knew Raechal never aborted. At Operation theatre entrance was standing a person, praying for Raechal.

At that time possessiveness covered him,

"Who are you?"

"Raechal's family and it is none of your business. Go away, she doesn't need you. I'm with her."

After hearing this, Stephan punched him. It was his woman and baby. Then only a doctor came,

"Who are the family members of Raechal?"

"We!" said the man.

"Who is Stephan?" He raised his hand, not understanding what is happening here.

"Congratulation, it's a girl. You are a father."

The doctor gave him his precious daughter. But There was confusion raised, all over his face.

"Can I meet Raechal?" asked Stephan.

"Go inside the ward." said the doctor.

"Raechal..." whispered Stephan and sat near her bed.

"St-Stephan our daughter.. she is..."

"Shh... She is beautiful just like you. She is healthy."

"Thank God," said Raechal. while taking a sigh.

"I'm sorry Raechal, I wasn't with you for these 9 months. I'm sorry."

Raechal forgives him. He rented a flat for her.

He used to visit her. But he never proposed to her. His daughter was given the name, Marrie Si.

Raechal was persistent, till the time he is not willing to marry her, their daughter will bear her mother surname.

They lived like this for 4 years.

Neither Stan Walker nor His subordinated knew about her existence. Not like they would have harmed her.


After four years, she found out she was again pregnant.

This time Stephan was there but not always. He used to visit frequently.

It was a boy!! Who looked like Stephan.

But one day, Stephan's mother came looking for her.

She said she wanted to meet her granddaughter and grandson.

She took them both to Jo's mansion.

But who had thought, Raechal's life will become like living hell.


In Jo mansion, Raechal was never treated as a daughter in law but as a maid who was just a birth-giving machine.

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She was just happy that her children are receiving love and care from everyone. She never complained because Mother's love for her children was never selfish.

Because of his mother's influence, he wasn't able to interfere. He knew he wasn't a man enough.

One day, Madam Jo said, "Stephan, I'm looking for a bride, do you have someone in mind?"

Hearing this broke Raechal's heart, Marrie witnessed how her mother was treated despite she was treated like a princess.

Not able to control, Raechal committed suicide.

She left a note behind,

"You will marry someone else soon. My family background is nothing compared to you. I can be your house's maid, I can even withstand any torture for you three.

But I can never see you marry someone else till I'm alive.

That's why I'm going away.

From everyone.

I know children will be taken care of.

Marrie and Addie, the mother is sorry for being selfish, it was my selfishness and love for you, I brought you into this world. Please be happy and make a mother proud. If you guys feel that you are not happy here, go to your uncle's house. He isn't rich but will surely take care of you. Stephan, you never proposed to me or said to me those three magical words, I wanted to hear it for 7 years, but you never said. Now I'm going, I want to say, I Love You, Stephan!"

Flashback ends!!!!

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