28 One Woman is enough (Past 1)

Grandpa started narrating,

"I was Left Hand of 'Stan Walker' who is none other than your paternal grandfather. When, he was King of Underworld everyone was afraid of him. But he was not like the rest of the gangsters who mostly had tangled love life. His wife was his support system.

He was perfectly settled but I, at that time, had decided that I will never marry anyone. This will only put other people in risk."


45 Years Ago!

Younger Stephan Jo and Stan Walker came into a bar to sign a contract.

"You guys can enjoy, after signing I will directly go back to my house. My wife is waiting for me." Said Stan Walker to his subordinates.

"Stan, you were not like this. Wife at home and mistresses at bar isn't new, keep something for yourself." said one of the Guy who was there to sign contract.

Stan walker chuckled after listening this.

"A real man knows that love of one woman is enough for him. If you love someone's soul, you will only love them. But if you love their faces and body, no one can satisfy your heart." said Stan Walker while lifting his glass to drink.

While everyone was drinking, Stephan eyes landed on a certain person. There was a girl in club wearing demin blue jean with loose white t-shirt and her hairs tied in a bun.

'Who comes to club wearing this.' though to himself.

But it was not her cloths but her attractive features which made Stephan look at her time to time.

He went towards her.

"Hey" said Stephan.

She lifted her face and saw him. But she IGNORED him.

"I will not eat you up, don't be afraid."

"Your intention to bed me is clear in your eyes. Go look for someone else." she clearly stated.

"Can we walk around for some while? No touching nothing." said Stephan.

The both came outside and started walking. After some talks he realized, she is not someone with whom you wanna go to bed. She is like a understanding person, who can make anyone comfortable in her presence.

They both exchanged numbers and started messaging each other. He got to know her name was Raechal.

Stephan started to feel something, which he never felt. He knew this is wrong, it was his guts that said that keep going.

They met each other at movies, at cafe, at beach ,near lake and even once at her home.

At that moment, Stephan wasn't able to control himself after seeing the woman he likes infront of him, they both started making out. After that, their connection even grew more.

After a week, Raechal realized she missed her periods and she was pregnant.

She told Stephan about this and he was shocked.

He never wanted a family.

She was just nineteen and he was of twenty nine.

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