50 I'm angry!

"Hmm, nice. It tastes good."

"I know. I have made it, how can the food made by the great Anna Walker, will not taste good?" Anna proudly said, keeping her hand on her chest as if prasing her own self.

"Its not that good also. See, its burned from here." said mother Marrie poiting towards one side of omelette.

Hearing this, Anna pouted. "Mom, can't you praise me once?"

"No, when you will do good. I will surely do that."

"Mom, am I even your biological child right?" Asked Anna suspiciously.

"I also doubt it. Should we go and do a DNA check?" asked mother playfully. Anna really irritates after hearing this.

"Mom, you are teasing me!! I'm angry."

"You can."

But mother Marrie came from back and started tiickling Anna on her stomach.

"Hahahahah... mom no...hahahaha.. my stoma-.... hahhhaha.. okay okay stop."

Mother Marrie stopped. She knew that if she continued, Anna might have a stomach ache from laughing.

"Anna get up. I need to clean the house now."

"Do you need my help?" asked Anna.

"No. You go and study for competition."



When Anna, went up. She stood along with the door's back.

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She was happy today, alot. She chose to open her laptop and enter the website.



BroX- Someone is searching you and your mother. Be safe.

ProX- I will be.

BroX- Chris also knows this and has assigned more bodyguards for you. Even your father did the same.

ProX- Is something wrong?

BroX- Not sure. Will update you soon.


Anna layed back. It was rare for her father to show concerned for them. If he did this, the matter will be anything strong.

Anna got ready and wore a black outfit. She chose her black cap and went down.

"Mom, I'm going somewhere. Will be back soon."

"Okay baby." Said mother Marrie. She didn't noticed or asked much because she knew Anna also needed her privacy.

Anna walked for 2 km and then took a taxi. She switched off her phone and turned around and saw a car following her.

"Uncle, can you please take left from here."

"Right now."

"Straight. Leave me there."

Anna got out of the taxi before the car can again trail behind her. And she took another taxi.

She knew these bodyguards were for her safety, and she had thought these assigned by either Chris or by her father. But she didn't know that the bodyguards assigned by them, were still not able to reach their city.

These bodyguards were of Alex. They were speacially trained in different fighting skills. Though, not good as Alex but still were special.

But these bodyguards and Alex didn't know the strength of Anna.

Anna went to a cafe which was in another nearby city.

"Ms. do you have a reservation?" asked the receptionist.

"Umm.. Yeah. One table was booked under the name of Ms. Kiara."

He checked his list and saw the name. The receptionist lifted his eyes and scanned Anna.

"This way ma'am." He took her to a private room. It had a table in centre and a bar in one corner.

"Enjoy your meal ma'am" he bowed and took his leave.

Anna sat there and waited for the person.

"So long Anna. 1 year? or more?"


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