199 Her selfish Love!

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Anna's eyes did not move even an inch from the person who was standing on her small balcony. Was not this too much?

"Open the window now!" Alex shouted from outside as it was really difficult to stand there in the small space. For a giant person like him, this space was like an ant space for him.

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Anna picked up her shrug from the couch and went near the window with her light footsteps. She did not know how to even reach this moment. Just because she said that she does not want to come downstairs, she climbed up the pipe and came into her room? But why!?

"Anna.. please open the door." Alex was almost begging her. From her eyes, it was evident that she was in a daze after seeing him but daze won't work here and he does not know for how long will be able to stand here like this in such a cold temperature.

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