9 Chapter 9

[Of course] said Lycaon while letting out a small laugh: [You doing this little massacre draws attention, although I would prefer you to use my power and kill gods]

Kira can't help but sigh, Lycaon had a great taste for blood and battles and especially the blood of Gods.

"You speak as if I have killed many Gods and am a maniac." Kira said in an offended tone.

[Only if you're a battle maniac, and haven't you forgotten that army of Gods you killed?] asked Lycaon in a sarcastic tone.

Kira felt very offended by this, the army of Gods he killed were subordinates of Indra who tried to attack Lord Shiva.

They deserved death.


"They only died because they were weak, don't blame me for their weakness, to survive in this world you need to be strong" said Kira coldly.

Lycaon laughed when he heard this: [I wouldn't call an army of gods weak. Maybe you're just too strong].

Kira huffed and turned away as Lycaon laughed and walked back inside Longinus letting Jin get back to normal.

Kira walked past the bodies around him and approached the table that covered the hidden path and kicked it away. He looked at the stairs leading down to the basement for a moment before taking a step and starting down.

It wasn't long before he saw a light at the end of my path, indicating that he had reached his destination.

And when he reached existence, he saw them.

In that large room was Asia bound to a cross while Raynare stood in front of her with a distorted smile as a green light emanated from Asia's body.

"Finally you guys are back" Raynare said turning around but was surprised at what she saw.

"VOCE!!!" shouts Raynare angrily, "I had killed you, what are you doing here?"

Kira simply smiled calmly.

"As if an insect like you could kill me." Kira spoke with amusement.

Asia turned her gaze upwards and smiled as she saw Kira.

"....Kira-san..." spoke Asia faintly more excited.

Asia did not have her Sacred Gear extracted yet, however if Kira took too long she soon would.

"No need to worry Asia, I will save you" said Kira as he smiled at Asia who perked up at that.

"How do you think you are going to be able to do that?" asked Raynare as she scoffed, "Where are those three?"

Kira simply smiled.

"Well, they are no longer among us" replied Kira making Raynare's eyes widen in horror.

Before Raynare could say anything the three figures of Jin, Kadmus and Shade appeared behind Kira making Raynare's eyes widen in fear.

"W-what is that?" asked the frightened Fallen Angel.

Kira only sighed, "You call yourself a superior being and you can't even recognize a Longinus"

Raynare's eyes widened even more at that, looking at the power emanating from the animals they were surely Sacred Gear, and just by their shape she recognized which one it was.

The Longinus [Canis Lykaon] a Longinus of the Independent Avatar type that moves by free instinct, and from what she knew from Sacred Gear records as an adult her avatar had the power of a High or Supreme class devil at the very least.

And if the being in front of her had three of them it was a subspecies and it was likely that it reached Balance Breaker, for Raynare couldn't imagine a normal being beating her friends.

In the face of this Raynare had only one chance to make it out alive.

Creating a spear of light and aimed it at Asia's neck who was frightened.

Raynare was more than willing to lose [Twilight Healing] if it meant she will stay alive, after all dead she couldn't use that power.

"If you take one more step, I'll kill her" Raynare said with a victorious smile as Kira's expression darkened.

Raynare suddenly got a sick look on her face as she growled in anger.

"You ruined everything." She said, the anger in her voice clear, "You ruined my entire plan! My plan for Azazel-sama! You destroyed the chance for me to be loved by him!" She cried out in pure hatred and with a hint of despair.

Loved ... Was that what she wanted? To be loved?

Kira remained silent and looked at her, his expression still stoic.

"I had to agree to Kokabiel's suggestion and follow his orders, even though I knew it was strange and there was something wrong with it! But I decided to follow him because I knew that if I succeeded, Azazel-sama would look at me! love me! He would praise me and see me as a worthy person! "

Pity, that was all Kira could feel for Raynare

"But you! You just got here, breaking in and destroying everything! Not only that, you even made killed fellow fallen angels! I Am Raynare of the Grigori!" Raynare declared her title with a mixture of anger and madness in her tone, "And worse! You are only a human, but you possess so much power! How ?! You are just a cursed creature! Your species commits even darker sins than we do! And yet! You! You have so much power! "

Envy ... It was clear that this woman had fallen for envy ... Even if she didn't say so, Kira knew ... Seeing her behavior and words, it was more than enough for him to know.

Although Kira was not human the control over his aura made him look like one.

"I will kill her, do you hear me ?!" Raynare pulled Asia's hair hard and the girl let out a cry of pain, "Even if you kill me, at least I will kill you first! You will know the taste of despair and hatred for failing! Just like me! Die like no other! You will despair! For the sake of Azazel-sama and the Grigori! " She screamed in pure insanity, her beautiful face went and was replaced by an expression of pure malice and a wicked smile.

"Close your eyes Asia, and don't open them until I tell you to" Kira said calmly.

Asia looked for a moment and nodded as she closed her eyes.

Raynare, who was listening to the conversation, had her smile falter and was replaced by pure hatred. How dare this being! Even now, he is still looking at her! He is going to pay!

"Watch her die!" She shouted as the glow of light in her hand began to intensify and....


Blood spurted down the hall as Raynare turned her gaze to her right arm where her spear of light is only to see that her arm was gone.

Kira had his weapon pointed at Raynare as he had vaporized her arm with a burst of energy.

Raynare's eyes widened in horror when she saw that.

Raynare knew that she had to escape! There was no chance of beating that monster in front of her! Screw her plan, she could steal Sacred Gear from anyone else right here!

Raynare created a spear of light, but it didn't aim at Kira, she threw it towards the ceiling destroying part of it and spread her wings as she tried to escape.

She should run away from there, there was no chance against that monster in front of her.

Kira simply looked at Raynare running away and undid her Sacred Gear and materialized other weapons.

Blue flames appeared in Kira's right hand as they materialized into the form of a weapon.

The chains of the weapon wrapped tightly around Kira's wrists as a long sinister blade was formed.

What was in Kira's hand was none other than the Blades of Chaos, the weapons of the Phantom of Sparta, Kratos.

Because [Unlimited Weapons Works] had the characteristics of a Noble Phantom blacksmith Kira could create any weapon he wanted, so he created several weapons from other animes and games, and the Blades of Chaos were one of them.

According to the story the Chaos Blades were forged in the darkest depths of the underworld by Ares himself. They were imbued with fire, which causes them to ignite with each blow that the user strikes. The chains of the Blades extend for a fixed distance with each strike, which allows fluid movement no matter who wields them. The chains of the Blades were permanently attached to the forearms of the wearer, and served as a reminder of their oath to the God of War. The chains could only be removed by the God of War himself, or else when the wearer's time of servitude ended.

Kira might not be a God, but he was still easily able to recreate the Blades of Chaos.

If the Ghost of Sparta took these blades he would see no difference to his own.

Kira held the chain as it ignited in flames, Kira swung them as he threw the sword directly at Raynare.

Because they were created by Kira's power the sword chains could extend unlimitedly.

The Chaos Blade moved forward slicing and burning through the air until it struck Raynare's back who cried out in pain as the sword drove into her back.

Pulling on the chains the blade returned to Kira and as it stuck in Raynare the Fallen One was thrown against the ground creating an immense crater.

Raynare regained her senses a little and tried to crawl away but was stopped when two sacred swords emerged from the ground created from Kira's Sacred Gear [Blade Blacksmith] causing the Fallen One to scream as the sacred element entered her body.

Kira walked calmly as the Chaos blade crawled across the ground and made a noise that put fear in Raynare's heart.

"Please don't kill me! Please!" cried/implored Raynare as tears flowed from her eyes.

The moment Kira gets in front of Raynare he steps on her head causing her to sink to the ground.

"I didn't give you permission to speak crow" Kira spoke coldly making Raynare shiver in terror.

Kira reached up to Raynare's wings as he grabbed them making the Fallen One scream in pain.

"You are proud of your wings aren't you?" asked Kira calmly.

Raynare's eyes widened even more at that line.

"Please don't! They are all I have!" begged Raynare knowing what Kira wanted to do.

The Chaos Blade that was in Kira's hand shattered while in blue flames another weapon manifested.

This time it was a two-handed axe of Norse origin and icy aura.

This was the Leviathan Axe that Kratos used in God of War 4.

In the game it was forged by the Huldra Brothers, Sindri and Brok, who also forged Thor's hammer, Mjölnir, after feeling responsible for the destruction caused by Thor with his creation. As a weapon made to oppose Mjölnir's power and inspired by Jörmungandr's gigantic size, Brok suggests that the axe be called Leviathan. According to Sindri, when she first met him, the blade was made and given to Faye, who in turn passed it on to her husband Kratos before his death.

The axe has several runes inscribed on the blade that give it different powers, among them the use of ice and the ability to retrieve the weapon at any distance.

Kira created him remade using the same material as Thor's hammer, only instead of controlling lightning and thunder he could control ice and snow.

Holding Raynare's wings tightly Kira delivered a quick and accurate blow with the axe ripping Raynare's wings off.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" screamed Raynare as blood dripped from his back and immense pain coursed through his body.

Kira unsheathed his axe as he got off Raynare's body.

Raynare as she lay on the ground cried and begged for it to end as Kira looked at her.

The fact that Asia couldn't hear anything that was happening there was due to Kira casting a magic to prevent her from hearing.

"Don't worry, we are done" Kira said with his voice devoid of emotion, "But even death is not something an insignificant being like you deserves."

Kira raised his right hand... And in the next second the world itself seemed to shake and scream in terror as Kira's demonic power went out into the world.

Above Kira's right hand a small sphere of red and black energy appeared trying to devour everything in front of it like a black hole and the only thing stopping it was Kira.

Kira's [Power of Destruction] came to life.

It was as if Kira had materialized a small black hole in his hand, a blow that dissipates any form of matter and energy, a blow that is impossible to defend and that would erase even the soul of his opponent from existence.

"Decree of Annihilation" Kira's voice came out with such authority that even Raynare's despair and her cries seemed like nothing, the voice emanated so much authority that even a god could not ignore it.

The [Decree of Annihilation] a technique created inspired by Sirzechs' [Demonic Bullets of Annihilation].

A pseudo-black hole that would suck out all life within its reach and erase them from existence, their very souls would be totally disintegrated without return.

The sphere in Kira's hand slowly moved towards Raynare who could not believe the being in front of him.

"You monster!" cried Raynare in horror.

"If you are going to blame anyone for your death, blame yourself, it was your weakness that led to this" spoke Kira as his [Power of Destruction] totally engulfed Raynare's body erasing her from existence.

Kira sighed as the three avatars of his Longinus approached him.

"Shade" called Kira calmly.

The wolf moved forward a little as its fur seemed to turn into blades and two of them shot at the chains that bound Asia destroying them.

In an instant Kira appeared in front of Asia and held her.

"It's okay" asked Kira calmly to Asia who opened her eyes.

"Thanks to you Kira-san" said Asia as tears flowed from her eyes.

Kira smiled a little as he passed his hand in front of Asia's face making her fall asleep with a magic.

Kira stood up while holding Asia until he heard footsteps behind him.

"Who's there?" shouted the voice that Kira recognized.

As Kira turned around he found himself facing none other than Rias Gremory and her peerage standing there.

Rias was as usual in his home while feeling very sad about trying to manipulate Kira until he saw an immense blue flash in the energy skies coming from the Church.

Rias had not confronted the Fallen Angels before as they did nothing against her, but after seeing the energy wave she summoned her peerage and decided.

Arriving at the Church she couldn't help but be horrified by what she saw.

Blood and bodies everywhere as it looked like a great massacre, it resembled the stories her father and brother told her about the times of the battlefields of the Great War where everything was painted with the blood of the enemy.

Rias had become more and more afraid to find out what monster had done this.

However when Rias reached the end she caught the eye of the being that seemed to have done this and was perplexed by what she saw.

At the center of it all was Kira Yagami as he carried a small blonde girl in his arms and three huge black dogs behind him.

"K-Kira -san" spoke Rias startled along with the rest of her peerage.

"...senpai" spoke Koneko with slightly wide eyes.

"Kira-senpai" spoke Kiba perplexed.

"Kira-kun" spoke Akeno as she was wide-eyed at seeing Kira in the middle of that massacre, although in the deepest places of her mind she found it exciting.

Just as Rias was ready to speak everything died in her throat when she looked into Kira's eyes.

The moment she looked into his eyes she saw death, destruction, massacres, wars, carnage, she saw the worst things committed, not only by humans, but also by all living beings.

She saw things that would make the devils of the time of the Great War feel terrified with horror and the Angels go mad and fall down at such a scene.

So when Kira finally looked into his eyes...

Their hearts stopped.

The air seemed to freeze, in fact it literally froze as all the magic in the air froze. Deep in their chests, the hearts of Rias and her peerage were silent as they stopped beating, while even his own lungs stopped in mid-breath.

For at that moment the only one allowed to breathe was Kira.

Rias and her peerage froze in place and stopped like stone statues, so motionless that it was only the cold sweat that broke out on their faces and a slight trembling in their limbs that told Kira they were alive.

Kira didn't need to read their minds to know what was happening to them, he already knew very well. The air seemed to freeze, a shiver like thorns hooking into your flesh as it grabbed you, holding you in place, body numb with fear, and how you had to clench your teeth just to keep yourself from shaking.

And, above all, the absolute certainty that you were about to die.

All trembling with the literal encounter with death, their hands open as they continued to tremble.

They were brought out of their stupor when the sound of footsteps reverberated behind them.

They were so afraid that they didn't even see Kira move as he walked out of the church.

All the four devils could do was fall to their knees on the ground as urine leaked from them and their bodies refused to move in fear.


Kira walked out of the church while leaving the shocked lower Devils on the ground as Kira was in a bit of a hurry and would really have to talk to Rias tomorrow.

Kira didn't care much for their reaction for all they had seen and the fear they felt was all Kira had ever seen in his life.

Thanks to his ability to know the history of every weapon in existence and have them all in his Reality Marble Kira had seen all the death, destruction, war and carnage committed by mankind from the beginning of time to the present day.

He had seen endless wars, fathers killing sons and vice versa, Kira had seen things and done things that would make the devils of the old days proud and scared.

But Kira didn't let all this bloodlust drive him crazy, he mastered it and used it to make himself stronger, what Rias and his friends saw was mere glimpse of everything.

Kira stopped halfway because something told him that he was forgetting something.

With Ophis.

Ophis sat in silence while she was still browsing through a multitude of TV channels. Her stomach rumbles as she is still waiting for Kira to return with one of her favorite dishes, Inarizushi.

"Food ... Food ... Food ... Food ... Food ..."

Ophis hugged her knees as she rocked back and forth, singing the things she most desires at the moment. She automatically presses the button for the next channel to try to curb her hunger.

"It's edible, I say!"

Ophis immediately was snapped out of her thoughts as she focused on the TV.

"I survived eating something that people thought was inedible, you know! Anything is edible if you try hard enough!" The man with the survival gear said. Clearly, this is some kind of survival reality show.

"... Everything is ... edible ...?" Ophis murmured as her eyes dropped with hunger. She then noticed the beautiful jewelry decoration resembling delicious candies on the wall, the extraordinary shiny candlesticks resembling lollipops.

She slowly moved closer to the beautiful decoration as her mouth released an extra amount of saliva.

"So ... hungry ..." Her eyes are on the prize as she ...


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