7 Chapter 7

Kira and Asia had started walking with the girl following Kira and eventually stopped at a park.

"Uwaaaaaaaah!" a cry cried a child in the park.

His mother quickly went to him to take care of the boy and Kira prepared to get back on the path.


The nun entered the park and went toward the boy, who was sitting up, crying.

Kira followed the nun.

"Are you okay? Boys shouldn't cry with a little wound like that."

The nun gently stroked the boy's head.

The boy probably doesn't understand what she is saying, but the nun has a very gentle expression. Asia put her hand where the boy is hurt.

Then a circular green light appeared from the nun's hand and radiated to the boy's knee.

When Kira looked closely, the boy's bruise began to disappear.

Kira recognized what it was, a Sacred Gear, Asia's Sacred Gear [Twilight Healing] that could heal any wound.

Sacred Gear, also known as God's Artifacts are items granted to humans by God.

They are powerful objects that grant humanity supernatural abilities that would otherwise be impossible to obtain. There are thousands of types of Sacred Gears around the world, each with a variety of effects. Some are sympathetic in nature, such as healing Sacred Gears like Asia's. Others are more combat-oriented and grant their wearer the strength to fight supernatural beings head-on.

There are even Sacred Gears that are capable of killing gods.

These are the Longinus, named after the spear that killed the Son of God, and thirteen of them were granted to mankind. They were the most feared Sacred Gear in existence, as only a Supreme class being can take down even the weakest trained Longinus bearer.

A good example that in the cannon when Issei hit Balance Breaker his power shot up to the same level as a Supreme class devil being able to defeat Kuroka easily.

God gifted mankind with these sacred gears to protect them. He heard the suffering of his children, how they died by the millions at the hands of the Supernatural, and moved by their plight, he acted. That is why he forged the Sacred Gears, to grant mankind the power to fight the monsters of the world.

For they are his divine gifts, a sacred blessing that he intended to grant to humanity and humanity alone.

The devils, of course, tried to spoil God's plans whenever they could.

Devils often go out of their way to recruit Sacred Gear wielders into their peerage, not only because they tend to make exceptionally powerful devils compared to normal humans, but because there is nothing funnier for devils than to see one of God's well-crafted plans fail, as the very weapons he created to defeat the devils make them stronger.

Rumor has it that Michael almost had a heart attack when the first Sacred Gear user reincarnated as a devil.

Kira couldn't say much, after all with his Heaven's Feel he had picked up tens of thousands of Sacred Gear for himself.

After all there were several copies of the same Sacred Gear scattered around the world, the [Twilight Cure] itself had seven confirmed users around the world.

Kira also had this Sacred Gear, the Sekiryuutei took a lot of Sacred Gear wherever he went, whether from enemies or people who don't know the supernatural world.

The only exception to this were the Longinus, as only one of each type could exist in the world at a time, you would never find for example two Longinus [Canis Lykaon].

Kira obviously had his favorites among the Sacred Gear he picked up, apart from his Longinus his favorites were the [Night Reflection], [Blade Blacksmith] and [Star Buster Star Blaster].

The [Night Reflection] allowed Kira to control shadows freely and although Kira could do this with magic he would much prefer his Sacred Gear.

The [Blade Blacksmith] could create a countless number of holy swords of various different attributes, Kira's mastery of it allowed him to create swords with a holy element compatible to the Excalibur Fragments, already in his Balance Breaker the holy swords Kira creates now became almost indestructible and contain an impressive amount of holy power equal to Durandal and Ascalon. The sharpness also increases to the point of matching Durandal.

Ironic after all Kira had in his Reality Marble all the strongest holy swords in existence.

Although Kira rarely used his Noble Phantasm, only if the opponent was interesting, otherwise he only used his spells and Sacred Gear.

So the [Star Buster Star Blaster] a Sacred Gear that had no equal in the world, which Kira got when he killed a human magician, a Sacred Gear with the potential to become a high-level Longinus surpassing the [Boosted Gear] and [Canis Lykaon].

A Sacred Gear that created a sword capable of cutting anything and a weapon capable of shooting anything being able to even kill Gods even without Balance Breaker.

Needless to say, Kira achieved Balance Breaker with all of them.

Those were the Sacred Gears. Everyone in the supernatural world knows what it is. They want it, they crave it. These powerful artifacts can tip the scales of the supernatural world just by existing. That's why the name of the forbidden movement is Balance Breaker, those who break the balance.

And of course the most special among them, the Longinus.

Among all the countless Sacred Gears, there are thirteen Sacred Gears that have the title Longinus, sacred gears so powerful they can kill Gods if used correctly.

True Longinus, the Spear of Destiny.

Zenith Tempest, the Prison of Glowing Celestial Thunder.

Annihilation Maker, the Demonic Beast Maker.

Dimension Lost, the Fog of Extinction.

Boosted Gear, the Red Dragon Emperor's Gauntlet.

Divine Dividing, the Light Wings of the White Dragon Emperor.

Regulus Nemea, the Lion King's Battle Axe.

Canis Lykaon, the Dog God of the Black Blade.

Sephiroth Graal, the Holy Grail of the Isolated World.

Incinerate Anthem, the Sacred Cross of Purple Flames.

Absolute Demise, the Princess of the Eternal Ice.

Innovate Clear, the Miniature Garden of the Green Innovation Tree.

And Telos Karma, the Ultimate Karma

These are the names of the thirteen god-killing weapons known in the supernatural world, each with a fearsome power and reputation that make even the gods wary.

Looking at the wound Kira had seen that it was completely gone.

The boy's mother was frightened. Anyone who sees something unbelievable will have a similar reaction.

"There, your wound is healed. The pain should be gone by now."

Asia smoothed the boy's head and looked at Kira.

"I'm sorry. Force of habit."

She laughed as she stuck out her tongue.

The boy's mother, who was scared until just now, shook her head and took the boy's hand so they could leave quickly.

"Thank you Onee-chan!"

The boy's words were words of gratitude.

"He said, 'Thank you lass'."

She smiled with joy after Kira translated for her.

"... That power...."

"Yes, it is the power of healing. It's a wonderful power that God has given me."

She looks a little sad, although she is smiling.

They both headed back toward the church as they talked quietly.

They both stopped when they reached Asia's destination, an old Church that had a bit of a distance from the city center.

"Yes, that's the place! I'm so glad."

The nun breathed a sigh of relief after comparing the location to the one on the map she had.

"Well, then I'll be going."

"Please wait!"

Kira said his goodbyes and was about to leave, but the words of this nun stopped him.

"I'd like to make you some tea, in thanks for bringing me here-"

"Ah, I'm in a hurry, so I have to go."

"..... But, it's just that...."

She looked disappointed.

She probably wants one to make some tea to say thank you, but Kira was already a little late.

"My name is Kira Yagami. Everyone who knows me calls me Kira. Therefore, you can also call me Kira. What is your name?" asked Sekiryuutei although she already knew.

When Kira told her his name, she answered with a smile.

"My name is Asia Argento! Call me Asia, please!"

"So, Sister Asia, we will meet again."

"Yes! Kira-san, I will definitely see you again!" said Asia and bowed her head.

Kira walked away after waving to her. She watched him until he was out of her line of sight.

Some Time Later.

Student Council, Academy Kuoh.

It was almost class time, but the Student Council office was packed with students. There were almost two dozen faces in that place and the atmosphere was slightly tense. The source was the petty dispute between two childhood friends and rivals. The source of these two upper-class female devils was a young man from their school who had been missing, probably dead, for two days.

"But you have hurt my pride as student council president, who also swears to protect the student of this school. The courage you have ... "

It was really rare for Sona Sitri to give a venom-filled scolding aloud to Rias Gremory, her childhood friend. However, this time it was an understatement, because someone she covets disappeared, probably dead, due to Rias Gremory's reckless plan.

Rias looked away, not looking into her best friend's eyes because she was irritated and embarrassed. She was never scolded like this, except by her mother. Not even her father or older brother had before. And there was also the fact that she had done something that greatly offended her best friend.

Oh, Rias Gremory knew how her best friend has an eye for Kira Yagami, but Sona gave her the chance to invite the second official Prince of Kuoh into her peerage, going out of their long friendship. And now, she ruined everything because of her reckless plan.

At that moment, Rias wished he could have listened to Sona and invited Kira Yagami normally, instead of planning to kill him at the hands of the Fallen Angel. But alas. What happens ... happens. There was no going back to the past, even with magic. And now she has made a big mistake that threatens their long relationship between her and Sona Sitri.

After Sona finished her long and vicious speeches, the Student Council office was silent. The room was filled with strangeness, so thick it could easily be cut like a hot knife through butter.

If only it were a normal student, Sona Sitri would not be angry like this. If only it were a normal student, Sona would scold Rias because of his wounded pride as president of the Student Council.

Kira Yagami was someone Sona really wanted in her peerage. Kira Yagami has potential, even unlimited potential. He was very intelligent, for a commoner he was always number one in the third year. Always stays straight in class. Have a good background. Good comprehension skills. Above average, borderline genius in terms of IQ.

Frankly he was perfect, and also one of the most famous people in the world.

That couldn't be hidden so easily.

*TOC Knock*

A noise was heard at the door and everyone turned their attention to it, when the door opened a small girl was revealed.

She was a small girl with white hair and golden eyes. The front of her hair has two long bangs that go beyond her shoulders and several loose bangs hanging over her forehead, while the back has a short cut. She also wears a black cat-shaped clip on both sides of her hair. She usually wears the school uniform of the Kuoh Academy girls, without the shoulder cape. Koneko's height is 138 cm.

It was Koneko Toujou the [Rook] of Rias Gremory and a Nekoshou, a variant of Nekomata.

"What happened Koneko?" asked Rias to his servant.

Koneko had gone to the top of the school building after finding out about Kira's 'death'.

Koneko and Kiba were very shaken by the 'death' of their friend, Koneko had gone to the top of the building as that was where Kira always took her to eat the candy he made, while Kiba had gone to the Kendo Club as that was where they both always trained.

"... Buchou, Kaichou, you guys need to see this" said Koneko in her monotone voice as she approached the window.

They all approached together wanting to know what was going on and when they looked at where Koneko was pointing they widened their eyes.

There was Kira at the gate of the Academy Kuoh talking quietly with Murayama, Katase and Kiba.

Rias' eyes widened at this, Kira was totally fine and alive!

This should be impossible as Rias had seen the large pool of blood in the park and knowing that the Fallen Angel was alive, Rias knew that the blood was Kira.

Sona and Rias along with everyone else were perplexed to see this.

Then to the surprise of the two heiresses of the 72 pillars of the underworld Kira turned his gaze to them.

He was looking directly at them, in fact it seemed that he was looking into their souls.

A knowing look! A look that made Sona and Rias seem insignificant!

For a moment what was in Sona and Rias' vision was not Kira.

What was in front of them was a huge red western dragon that roared in its fury releasing flames all over the place.

A look of pure disdain as if they were insignificant and that it could finish them off with a single breath.

This image had disappeared as quickly as it had appeared and what replaced this image was Kira with a slight smile on his face.

While Rias and the others were puzzled that Kira was alive and Rias was paralyzed by that image, Sona had very different thoughts.

A single thing flashed through Sona's mind.

"Does he know?"


The rest of the day had gone normally for Kira, the devils had not tried to get too close to him.

Koneko and Kiba had tried to find out what had happened, but Kira pretended he knew nothing about what they were talking about.

Right after school Kira returned home to find that Ophis had eaten all the food he had made and was intently watching TV without even blinking.

"Where are you going?" the monotone voice of Ophis asked as she looked to her side.

Beside Ophis was Kira who was wearing a black t-shirt that showed his muscles against it and a dark blue blouse along with black pants and sneakers.

"I will go rescue the nun" said Kira to Ophis who nodded.

When Kira got home he told Ophis what had happened and about Asia.

It seemed that the Fallen Angels were increasing their movement and planned to extract the Sacred Gear from Asia today and therefore Kira was going to rescue her.

Ophis looked at Kira as he tilted his head slightly. "?"

To anyone it seemed like nothing, however Kira understood what Ophis meant.

"I'll do it myself, there's no need for you to come." Kira said receiving a nod from Ophis.

Kira had done some missions with Ophis in the past and let's just say that the Dragon Ouroboros doesn't know the meaning of the word restriction.

An entire town in the French countryside had been destroyed for it.

"I'm hungry" spoke Ophis monotonously as his stomach rumbled.

Kira sighed at this, only Ophis would eat an amount of food for ten people in an afternoon and still be hungry.

Now Kira knew why she was considered the Dragon God of Infinity.

Her hunger was infinite.

"What do you want to eat?" asked Kira calmly.

"Inarizushi" said Ophis as her eyes sparkled a little.

Kira pondered a little. Inarizushi is a sushi in which a piece of abura aguê (fried tofu slice cut in half in the shape of a "baggie") is filled with sushimeshi (vinegared rice). The abura-aguê is cooked in a broth containing shoyu, sake, and sugar.

"Right" said Kira since he didn't mind and there should be a store open now for him to buy the ingredients.

"Don't be long. I'm hungry" spoke Ophis making Kira eyes twitch.

"Very well. Jin, Shade, Kadmus, let's go" said Kira as he headed for the door.

The three Longinus avatars of the Black Blade Dog God stepped forward and walked into Kira shadow while Sekiryuutei walked out.

Meanwhile Ophis went back to watching TV normally.



The abandoned church in the city of Kuoh was placed on a hill in a corner of the city. Why? It should be very obvious, since Kuoh City was actually Devil Territory.

The Church could not go near the devils or it would be seen as an aggressive act against them. And after what happened in the Great War, clearly they couldn't start another war, not if they wanted to avoid being annihilated.

When Kira was still a child and lived in Kuoh, the only church in the town of Kuoh was active and packed with visitors. Unfortunately, something happened to the priest and sisters in that church. They were brutally killed in one night. Since then, the place where people go to find enlightenment has become a deserted place. All this happened soon after Irina and her parents moved to England.

Looking at the abandoned and gloomy church, that memory flashed through Kira mind. His eyes fixed on the once magnificent building in this neighborhood, which has been reduced to this haunted palace. Kira remembered Irina's somber expression when her parents called her to visit this church, when she was playing with Kira. It was surreal to know how Irina would become a devoted member of the church in canon. No one would believe that Irina didn't like going to church when she was young.

Technically the church was not the territory of the devils or the Angels, at least the Church of Kuoh, it was the territory of the Fallen Angels.

And in the cannon Rias had not only invaded the territory of the Fallen Angels uninvited, he had killed four Fallen Angels to rescue a Holy Maiden from the Angel Faction, even though she was excommunicated.

That was basically a declaration of war.

Frankly a war between the three Factions had only not occurred yet because Sirzechs, Michael and Azazel were indifferent about it.

Honestly what Kira was doing could also be considered a declaration of war against the Three Factions.

After all he was about to invade the territory of the Fallen Angels to rescue a former member of the Church and he was also in the territory of the Devils.

Although Kira doubted that they wanted war with him, after all if they didn't want to war with each other, they would never want to fight against Shiva and the Hindu Faction.

After all threatening Kira, Shiva's right-hand man would be the same as threatening the God of Destruction.

Although Kira admitted that fighting the Four Great Satan, the Four Great Seraphim and the Grigori Cadres at the same time would be incredible.

Coming out of his thoughts Kira walked towards the double doors of the church. The wooden doors that once looked like a beautiful gate to the wonderful palace were reduced to a sorry state.

Slowly, he lifted one leg and kicked the door, which not only opened, but literally flew open, slamming and falling to the ground a few feet from his location.

He took another step forward and entered the church, his red eyes scanning the hallway of the building. It was ... quite normal, actually. There were chairs and seats for people to sit and pray if they wanted to, there was even an altar and a cross like in a normal church. Overall, it looked like an ordinary place if you looked at it.

His eyes caught something under the table in the hallway for using the structural grip. His eyes scanned the room again and his ears noticed footsteps going up. The sounds were getting louder and Kira could hear that there wasn't just one pair of legs, but that there were several, even dozens.

However, although there were several footsteps coming, slowly they all stopped. They stopped and were almost soundless as they approached him.

Kira watched as he looked down the two hallways. He could hear whispers and see their small shadowy movements on either side, no doubt planning to ambush him.

"I know you're in there. Come out before I force you" Kira called out in his cold voice.

As soon as he said that, it didn't take long for the group to respond. From one side of the hall, a white haired man with red eyes, wearing a priest's robe came out while clapping his hands with a cheerful smile adorning his face. The man showed no sign of surprise or concern that Kira had just entered, but instead looked amused. The expression was much like that of a child waiting for some clown or circus to come and entertain him.

"Well, well! What do we have here?" he asked jovially with a big smile on his face, "Some kind of child who got lost? What do you want boy? You want to pray to God maybe?"

"I came here to rescue Asia Argento ..." Kira said bluntly and straight to the point.

The answer was the one he expected. As soon as he spoke, the man's smile faded a bit, but what he didn't expect was for the man's smile to get even bigger, along with a mad grin.

"Ahh! So you're here for little Asia eh? Oopsie oopsie! Sorry kid, but you can't take her!" The man declared cheerfully, "Now, since you've stated your intention, then it's okay if we kill you, right?"

From both hallways, a group of people entered. They all wore robes and white clothes like priests, but he knew that none of them were priests. They were all stray exorcists.

The Wandering Exorcists were those who had gone mad with the desire to kill supernatural beings and were excommunicated from the Church and joined other Factions because of it.

All the clothed people raised their hands, revealing that they held swords that had the element of light as their cutting edge, almost similar to the lightsabers in the Star Wars movies. In their other hands were weapons, but no ordinary weapons. Their eyes were able to tell that those weapons were loaded with bullets of light.

They were Holy Swords known as mass-produced swords of light used by exorcists to exorcise devils. As the name suggests, these swords have blades made of pure light, although they were dangerous to devils neither compared to true Holy Swords.

The man laughed with glee as he raised his sword and weapon, his tongue rolling like a madman and he gave Kira another of his insane smiles.

"So ~~ are you ready to die boy? Eh? Eh? Are you afraid? Are you afraid? Ahahaha! Don't worry, we'll make you scream all right!" He laughed with a slightly maniacal tone.

"Freed Zelzan..." Kira said, the coldness in his tone making the mad exorcist pause, "Guilty of murdering 147 people and raping 24 women, ten of them were nuns working in the Church" He stated this coldly.

"Eh? You know about this? Wow, you must be a fan of mine to know my art in such detail!" Freed exclaimed with a big smile, "So, who sent you, boy? The vermin from the Church? If you must know, the last one they sent was sent back in pieces by me." He laughed merrily as if he had just discovered that Christmas was earlier this year and didn't even bother to deny the murder and carnage he had committed.

"Anyway, it doesn't matter! I'm sending his body to the church just the same. Let's fight!" Freed shouted and gave orders to the groups.

However what Kira did baffled the exorcists, Kira laughed.

"Fight? You're nothing but dog food!" said Kira somberly.

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