1 Chapter 1

Swords... that's what I could see.

All that appeared in my field of vision were swords that seemed to have no end.

I didn't know who I was. Not even my name.

All I knew was that I had woken up in this place.

A place that seemed more like a world of unlimited swords.

The land was barren as a desert with hundreds of swords all over it, and the sky was orange like the setting sun with giant gears turning above. I had been in that world for a time that couldn't even be counted.

I didn't remember anything, and I didn't remember my family, my friends, or who I was.

I only knew that I was in this world. Looking to my side, I saw a weapon.

It was a giant and stout sword, easily more significant than me. Even I could tell it was not meant to be used by mortal hands, for no human could wield it.

In the sword, I could see my reflection.

I was tall and possessed a lean physique, had messy brown hair and eyes the same color as my hair.

I was not handsome, but not ugly, and I like to say that I was average by the world's standards of beauty, just like a mob character.

Having nothing to do in this world, I simply stared at the horizon as I walked.

I walked and walked and walked for a valuable amount of time.

After all, time seemed not to affect this world.

But no matter how long I walked, I could never reach the end, and the endless swords stretched out everywhere I walked.

After a long time of walking, I stopped. Not knowing what to do, I simply looked at the sword beside me. Moreover, while looking at this sword, I realized that I had never felt hungry since I came to this world, the same with sleep or tiredness. It was as if I had infinite vitality.

The sword I was looking at exuded an unearthly beauty; its guard was blue with gold details, and there was writing that no human being could understand on its blade. It showed that supernatural hands had made it.

It was a sword worthy of a king.

The moment I touched it, I saw everything.

Who had made it, how it had been created, and the materials needed for its construction. I saw it being wielded by its user and all his techniques entered my mind. I saw its history and how it was destroyed.

Soon I recognized this sword.

Calibur, the sacred sword that had the right to select a king and that in the past had been used by King Arthur to liberate Britannia.

With nothing to do, I took the sword, assumed its wielder's position, and repeated his blows.

At that moment, I felt disgusted with myself.

It seemed that I was nothing more than a fake, just copying its true bearer.

The sword itself was rejecting me.

But I didn't want this. I didn't want to be a copy of this sword's old holder, so I went further for this reason.

For an immeasurable amount of calculating time, I practiced every single technique of this sword.

I practiced to the point where my techniques surpassed their original bearer. I practiced to the end of mastery, to the point where the sword had no choice but to recognize me as its master.

When I realized I had completely mastered it, I stopped and looked at the sword to see if there was anything else I could do.

My perplexity came when in my other hand, another Calibur appeared and retorted and took the form of an arrow.

Smiling, I made the arrow disappear and put Calibur down again.

Looking around, I saw an infinite number of swords.

So I had finally decided that I would master each of these swords...

And this indeed was the case...

During my time in this world, I practiced with each of these swords and weapons to the point that I was better than their former bearer.

To the point that all the weapons recognized me as their master.

Weapons like Excalibur, Gram, Balmung, Gae Bolg, Gae Buidhe, Gae Dearg, Arondight, and every other weapon exist.

I had mastered them to surpass the legendary heroes who wielded them.

How many weapons had I mastered? I honestly don't even know... So after dominating all the swords, I started counting them one by one.

And when I had finished counting, I arrived at the astonishing number of 2,473,825 weapons and swords.


Looking at that barren world, I saw that there were changes...

All its ground was now covered with fine, soft grass. The sky was starry dusk, and flowers were all over the grass, adding to its beauty.

With each sword I mastered, I felt the world-changing as if it was me and I was him.

And now I had reached the last sword.

Ironically the last sword was the giant sword I had seen when I first appeared in this world.

My appearance had changed, my face was sharper and more beautiful, and my body could only be described as perfect.

Before, I had thought that human hands could not use this weapon. But now I knew that this was not true... I quickly lifted it over my head when I picked it up.

I then saw the whole story about that sword.

A sword of a giant warrior with no name.

But that made no difference.

I had trained and trained to the point that I had mastered it and had become the master of this sword.

When I put it down, I looked up into the sky and saw the stars shining brightly.

It was as if they were calling me.

And I soon answered the call of these stars.

There are many ways to reach the sky. And since this world was mine, I could simply fly up there.

But I had chosen a better way to reach the heavens.

Soon chains appeared at my feet like staircases that took me to the top.

These chains were one of my favorite weapons, marked by one of the most virtuous friendships in all the world.

They were the Chains of Heaven.

The chains of Enkidu, the weapon of the Gods that he gave on his deathbed to his best friend Gilgamesh, always protect him. These chains symbolized an unbreakable friendship that surpassed all-time, chains created to contain Gods so that they would never escape.

When I reached the heavens, I noticed that the stars were not stars.

They were weapons and items that shone beautifully in the sky.

However, they were not swords, spears, and axes.

They were shields, mounts, jewelry, and even palaces in the background.

So I decided to do the same as I had done on the ground... I used them one by one and mastered them.

For a valuable time, I trained with each of these weapons...

Until finally, I arrived at the last one...

It was a sheath.

A luxurious scabbard made of gold and decorated with blue enamel looked more like a treasure to show dignity and nobility than a weapon itself.

It was not a mortal work.

I knew what this scabbard was.

Avalon, the sacred, crowned scabbard of King Arthur's sword, Excalibur.

It was the ever-distant Utopia that King Arthur dreamed of.

I didn't need to do anything. The sheath came to me and accepted me as its master when I looked at it.

I had mastered and been accepted by Excalibur, and therefore the sword's sheath would take me.

Then a flash of light blinded me, and when I closed my eyes, I found myself again on the floor of my world.

But a statue not here before was now standing in front of me. I had to say it was a giant statue in front of me.

Not knowing what to do, I touched the statue.

And I remembered everything, who I was, my name, and my... death!

After all this, I was even more confused. I couldn't understand what was happening.

All my life, I loved anime, so this world I was in had to be an illusion. It couldn't be real.

But a voice soon answered all my doubts.

When I asked who this voice belonged to, I knew...

The voice belonged to Gaia. The intrinsic will of the planet to survive and thrive.

For me, this was impossible.

Gaia belonged to the Fate anime, and she should not be accurate.

But then I remembered where I was.

A world of unlimited swords with Legendary Heroes' weapons.

Everything was real!

I soon questioned Gaia about my death.

Then Gaia answered me that I didn't simply die but had been killed.

And the answer from the one who had killed me shocked me deeply.


She is the collective unconscious of humanity and the impetus for its survival as a whole. Alaya constantly keeps humankind from extinction.

And this information shocked me. Why did Alaya want my death? I was an insignificant person.

But soon Gaia answered me.

Alaya had run out of patience because of all that was happening, so she decided to take action. She wanted a champion, someone to exterminate all threats to her.

Alaya searched the world to find someone who met her criteria. She then found me and, without much thought, killed me.

That marble of reality that I was in was given to me by Alaya. She wanted to create a perfect warrior. And this ideal warrior was me.

She wanted someone stronger than all the heroic spirits put together!

My marble of reality was my Noble Phantasm, a blend of Shirou Emiya's Unlimited Blade Works and Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon.

I would be the strongest of all, for I possessed all the Noble Phantasms.

But before Alaya could catch me, Gaia arrived first.

Gaia caught me so that she could stop Alaya from completing her plans.

So I asked Gaia if she would kill me, and she answered no, not even she was capable of that because Alaya was protecting me since she didn't want to waste her hard work.

And in the end, Gaia gave me three options to choose from.

The first was to go with Alaya and become an emotionless carnal doll that would only serve to fulfill her whims.

The second was to go to the Throne of Heroes and maybe someday be summoned.

And last was to send me to another world where not even she or Alaya had the power to reach or stop me.

I chose the last option and asked where I would go, and Gaia answered me with a strange tone saying she didn't know.

She could just send me to another world, but she didn't know to which world. Besides, she could never bring me back. In this world, I would start as a child, but I would still be able to keep the abilities that I currently have.

Gaia then threw me into a portal and told me I would have one more gift.

Soon I was unconscious.


Gaia then sent me into reincarnation. And I have to admit that I didn't expect this to be possible.

All I expected was that my soul would go into the body of a living, healthy child.

But I had gone straight to my mother's womb. I must say, it is not particularly pleasant to be in a womb. It was like being suspended in a place where you couldn't feel anything.

I spent nine months in my mother's womb until I was born.

My first memory of this new life was not of a hospital I was in but of a laboratory.

I was terrified that I should be in the hospital and any child, but I was in a laboratory.

But I knew I was not alone.

I could feel three presences close to me.

"Are you sure?" Asked one of the voices that seemed to belong to a man. His voice emanated a specific power.

How did I know he had power? Let's just say that after seeing the lives of so many Legendary Heroes, I gained much better senses and intuitions than usual, so I knew this man was quite powerful.

"Sorry, my friend, but unfortunately, it is true." Another man said in a sad voice.

It seemed that they were arguing about something, specifically me. And it appeared that the subject was not a good one at all.

"Are you sure there is no way out, Beelzebub-sama?" A woman's voice sounded.

That last line surprised me. After all, Beelzebub is one of the Kings of Hell.

"His body is well developed, but it contains only tiny amounts of demonic energy, of the level of a mere human." The man said to them.

I was surprised at this moment.

Demonic energy!

A power that belongs to devils.

So naturally, I was a devil. I honestly didn't care about that so that I could be more potent than normal humans.

"Sorry Sirzechs, Grayfia. But that is the only solution." Said the man.

"I understand... Thanks just the same, Ajuka." Sirzechs said.

At that moment I was surprised. I knew these people who were talking. These people belonged to the world of High School DxD.

A world where gods and supernatural beings roamed the earth among humans and where the age of the gods had never ended.

Furthermore, it seemed that I was not just anyone.

I was the son of Sirzechs Lucifer, one of the Four Great Satan, the Strongest Devil, and a member of the Top 10 and Grayfia Lucifuge, the strongest underworld Queen.

I was the son of the two strongest devils of the underworld. And how was it possible that I had little demonic energy? I couldn't stay awake for long and soon fell asleep.

It seemed that my body wasn't strong enough yet.

When I woke up, I was still a little sleepy, but I woke up anyway because I heard something. When I opened my eyes, I saw a supernaturally beautiful woman with long silver hair that matched her eyes, which were also silver.

It was Grayfia Lucifuge, or rather my mother.

This made me happy; in the past, I didn't have a good relationship with my mother because she hated me. But it seemed that I could feel a mother's love for the first time in this world.

I knew that the Gremory prided themselves on treating their servants like family, so I would probably be treated well.

Grayfia was softly singing a lullaby that almost made me fall asleep.

However, there was something that surprised me.

Grayfia Lucifuge, the Queen of Annihilation, was crying.

This had startled me. After all, she had never shown such emotion. Soon the door to the room opened, and I could see a tall man with red hair and greenish-blue eyes looking at this scene sadly.

"Can't we do something?" Grayfia asked with a faint thread of hope.

"Don't you think I've tried everything? I had even imagined him growing up and teaching him to control his power. I could even picture him playing with little Rais." Sirzechs said sadly as he remembered the moments he had imagined.

"But now, he is not safe, and we cannot protect him," Sirzechs said as he approached me while taking me from the arms of Grayfia, who was crying uncontrollably.

"I will do it quickly." As he said those words, Sirzechs created a magic circle and disappeared.

At that moment, I confirmed that magic was indeed real.

The next memory I had was that my father was carrying me.

I can see stars overhead, so it looks like we are outside. There are cars and street lights everywhere. It looked like a typical neighborhood to me.

I had noticed from the color of the sky that we were not in the underworld.

Sirzechs suddenly stopped in front of a large building. The building was painted bright yellow, had a nice parking lot and could see a garden in the back.

This scene gave me a bad feeling.

"I'm sorry, but this is the only way to protect you. Your mother and I will always love you, even if we can't be there for you." Sirzechs said with a sad smile.

He laid me down on the stairs in front of the building, pressed a button next to the door, and disappeared in a magic circle.

I couldn't believe it. They had abandoned me.

Sirzechs had just left me here. Can you believe the courage of this man? He is the leader of the entire devil race; he must have more than enough options! I mean, can't you just ask an old friend or a loyal subordinate to take care of me? You can tell him to keep his mouth shut to keep me safe.

But no, he decided that the best way to protect me was to drop me into the human world!

After all this, I remembered something. My parents had not even given me a name.

Soon I was found by a woman who took me inside. It felt like I was in an orphanage.


I had been there for a long time, and it was a quiet life until this happened...

One day I felt two Fallen Angels approaching the orphanage. You must wonder how I knew this energy belonged to Fallen Angels? Right? Well, I am a born sensor, and I had also memorized the magical signature of a devil, and this one is much darker.

And the only thing darker than a devil was a Fallen Angel.

"Are you sure this is it?" One of them asked.

"Yes, that's right, the power source is equal to the power of an Ultimate class being." Said the other.

I was perplexed by this. There was an Ultimate class devil in the orphanage!

After a while, the Fallen Angels came up to me and showed a surprise. It was then that I realized that I was the Ultimate class devil.

I couldn't believe it, Ajuka said I didn't have any devil power, and now I have one on the level of an Ultimate class being.

Both Fallen Angels prepare to attack. At that moment, I had already prepared myself to die.

But just as I was about to be hit, my magic power exploded through my body, causing waves of red energy to sweep through the entire orphanage.

In a single instant, the [Power of Destruction] came out of my body like a wave of energy that erased everything from existence. When the point stopped, I found myself in a crater with everything around me being erased by the power.

But not only the Fallen Angels but also the orphanage and everything around me was consumed by the destruction.

At that moment, I finally realized that I had to become stronger!


Years passed, and I dedicated myself to becoming stronger.

The years passed, and my training developed.

I had trained and mastered my [Power of Destruction] and had also trained many different magics.

Much of my magical knowledge came from the Noble Phantasms I possess, a good example being that when I mastered Gungnir, I gained all the knowledge about Odin runes.

I also still kept my reality marble and all my weapons. I called it the Unlimited Weapons Works since it combines the Unlimited Blade Works and the Gate of Babylon.

I trained day and night, intense training on all my physical abilities, an even more difficult training than the one Sairaorg had done.

I soon discovered that I had a special magic. It was one of the five real spells Heaven's Feel.

Heaven's Feel is a magic that allows the user to materialize the soul. This magic allowed me to manipulate souls freely and even acquire an unlimited source of magical energy due to the soul becoming analogous and a perpetual motion machine.

This magic had also changed my body, and because of it, I became immune to the light and holy damage that was normal for devils.

Thus I became a devil immune to the light.

This magic also allowed me to extract Sacred Gear from people without killing them.

I had collected a lot of Sacred Gear during my travels, most of which I took from people who hadn't awakened it so they wouldn't have to meddle with the supernatural.

And this led me to meet one of the most influential people.

When I turned ten, I went to the city of Kuoh to get the [Boosted Gear] for myself. I didn't care much about Issei and what happened to him.

I watched Issei find an opportunity to get his Sacred Gear for a while. I didn't want just to take it because I knew that an exorcist lived in this town. Not that I cared.

One of the things I changed over the years was my appearance. It turned out to be incredibly striking.

My original appearance is that I have shoulder-length crimson hair. My most striking characteristic is that I have Heterochromia. No, this is not an incurable disease! It just means that I have two eyes of different colors. One is blue-green, and the other is silver.

So because I looked so much like my father, I used magic to change my appearance.

Now I had dark blue hair that came down to my neck and eyes as crimson as blood.

One day when I was sitting in a park watching several children playing, one of them came to me. It was a girl with brown hair and violet eyes, she had the appearance of a brat, but I could quickly identify that she was a girl.

"Hi, my name is Irina. What's yours?" Irina asked cheerfully.

I widened my eyes minimally before putting on a severe face.

Then the question came to me. What was my name?

I never really had a name. I had disregarded the one in my past life. Besides, I had thought of a name for myself until that day.

After all, everyone I had met before didn't want my name. They simply wanted to kill me.

"Kira, my name is Kira Yagami," I answered simply.

That day I finally had a name!


After we introduced ourselves, Irina picked up her mother and took me to play with the other children. And I had to say the next few days were fantastic for me.

I didn't have to run away or kill the beings that came to me. I was just a normal kid.

I had also become friends with Issei. A friend might be a strong word; we were mere acquaintances and what connected us was precisely Irina.

During one of our play days with Issei, I picked up his Sacred Gear so that he would not have to get involved in the supernatural world.

Although if he knew what would happen to him. Issei would probably try to kill me.

The next few days were also quiet. I didn't have to live as a being of the supernatural but as a child.

I had also met Irina's family, who didn't want to eat any but her own after tasting my food. They even tried to adopt me when they knew I was an orphan, but in the end, I refused their kindness.

But all good things are short-lived.

One day Irina left for England with her family.

It was a sad day, but I accepted it calmly.

As a gift to Irina, I gave her a Noble Phantom. It was a sacred scarf that protected its wearer from harm.

It was funny to see Irina's father's face when she appeared with a scarf that had a more sacred aura than the Excalibur Fragments.

Soon after that, I left and my last memory of this moment was when I saw Issei talking to an older man in the square about the beauty of breasts.

"So this is where the breast pervert is born..."

With these thoughts, I turned and walked away.

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