1 -Prologue

High in Pursuit: Another Story.

Kang Jae Woon is the youngest prosecutor in his department. With his handsome appearance, outstanding achievements, and impressive family background, he is being admired and envied at the same time by many people. Everyone is looking at him like he is some famous idol or celebrity.

Girls always flocking around him, sought after his hard-to-get attention, but Jae Woon never once glances in their direction, nor did he replies to any of their ridiculous demands. He is a man of a few words and very serious about doing his job perfectly. He also rarely expressed his emotion to others. Do you want to hear his dreamy-like voice? Then be the criminal or his coworkers. Although, no one should probably attempt to be one(the criminal). Most of the time, he kept his mouth shut.

One day, his best friend, Han Ryan, was murdered by a famous serial killer, and Jae Woon felt his whole world was crumbling down.

Due to his excessive sadness, alone in his home, to numb the pain from experiencing the loss of his best friend, Jae Woon drowned himself with endless amounts of alcohol, ranging from the likes of soju and rice wine. He is a heavy drinker. Ten bottles of soju are not enough to make him feel tipsy. He throws the empty bottle to the floor and grabs a white plastic bag beside his bed. The bag is full of junk food and his favorite snacks.

As he indulged himself in junk food and drinks like there was no tomorrow, suddenly, out of nowhere, Jae Woon's body convulsed in an allergic reaction.

"Shit! Who the fuck put almonds in my snack?!" Jae Woon yelled in a breathless tone. "I clearly remind the salesgirl. She must have a grudge against me. That's why she put those curse almonds! Damn it! Where is my medicine?!" He clutches his left chest in pain. A cold bead of sweat is rolling down from his forehead.

He groped around in agony, searching for his precious medicine inside the small drawer beside his bed. Jae Woon suddenly felt his body swaying around like a pair of feathers before he plopped down on the soft and comfy bed. His consciousness is slowly fading away, and darkness is embracing his weak body.

How miserable. To think I would die because of a stupid almond...Ryan will be laughing when he knows about this. Jae Woon mentally said.

The body is no longer moving, and the male's breathing had stopped at this final moment. The sign of life went undetected, and the once undulated chest went flat.


"Wake up, you pig!" A harsh voice is jolting him up from his sleeping state. At the same time, his body got drenched by a bucket of smelly water. "Since you're a pig, you didn't mind to bathe in poop, right?"

Mocking waves of laughter are resounding in the dark, cramp room.

Three boys and one girl looked down at him with disgusted expressions plastered on their faces. Their clothes are brand new and made of silky and expensive material, contrary to the one Jae Woon is wearing.

One of the boys is holding an empty bucket. He is the main culprit who drenched Jae Woon's body with filthy and smelly water.

Jae Woon had a blank expression on his face.

"Eww...so disgusting!" The cute girl, in a ponytail, said in an arrogant tone. A golden butterfly brooch decorated her shiny, black hair. "Fatty, it's time to do your chores! Wake up, or I will ask my mother to whip your bloated body again!"

Jae Woon is dumbfounded. He looked at the four brats with a confused expression.

Wha...? Where is this? No, no, no. That is not an important question. Who are these pompous brats?! How dare they throw...Jae Woon suddenly felt that something is wrong with his body.

He had difficulty moving around, his body heavier than before, and he felt extremely sluggish. Pain shoots off from his calves. When he looked down, horror marred his face. Red and sticky liquid dripped out from the whip wounds, affecting his agility tremendously.

Umm, why did his calves bleed?

No, what the fuck is this?! My legs, is it broken?

There were too many things he wanted to yell out, but since when did his slender and sturdy body change into a bloating pig? In just one night, his sexy body got inflated like a balloon?!

He pinched his cheeks and grimaced.

His skin felt oily and greasy. There was also suspicious sticky yellow stuff on his hand. As if it's been a while since the last time he washed his face.

"Eww! Your pimples burst out!" The neuropathic girl from before screamed. Why was she still in here?

Wait a minute. Whose face has pimples?

That...that was an absolute nightmare! NO!!!


Jae Woon surveyed his surrounding with a gloomy look. The room is too small for a growing boy like him to live. Not only that, the place is dirty, and the smell of poop is permeating the air. He scrunched his nose in disgust.

A surge of anger once again erupted in his heart. Those brats, if I meet you guys again, I swear, I will drop a bundle of poisonous insects on your big heads! Please wait! I'll take my revenge soon! When the time for revenge comes, I will double the bucket!

Jae Woon exhaled a heavy sigh. He finally accepted the truth that his soul got transmigrated into another world, and this world is an ancient one. Yep, no smartphone, no television, no other modern appliances, and the worst among these, no internet connection! He could no longer indulge in his hobby of reading his favorite comic in the webtoon during his resting time. It was a pure living hell for a modern person like him.

Is this a simple cultivation world? No, everyone, of course not. This world focused on magic and martial arts.

Every person is gifted with at least one magical aptitude and categorized into eight elements.

Those elements consist of the water element, fire element, wood element, wind/air element, gold/metal element, beast element, shadow element, and light element. And, those elements have another branch of alternative and more advanced power.

For example?

The people with water element aptitude can control water as easily as breathing. The more advanced one can change the water into steam or harden them into ice.

Someone with fire aptitude can control the flame, and the advanced one can produce fire at will. The higher the rank, their uses become more flexible.

These special abilities have their own ranking system, from F, the lowest to an SS level, the most powerful magic-user in the continent.

Ah, you're asking about his element? Hohoho, don't worry. I will tell you guys, but you'll bound to feel disappointed and as hopeless as he is since this body is utterly useless, a waste of human space, food scavengers, and the most worthless human being ever existed!

There is not a single redeeming point he had to uphold his wounded pride and integrity. Just why? Did he offend some higher being out there for them to throw him into this piggy? At least, if he has no power or any magical aptitude, they should leave him with an ordinary appearance and ordinary body!

But, no! Not only has he got a bloated body, with a big round stomach, but his face is also full of hideous pimples!

As he glances at his reflection in the water, he almost dies of shock. His heart couldn't take the surprise well, and he fainted on the spot. The face... is too ugly.

When he wakes up five minutes later, he cries immediately. It is a secret, but Jae Woon is actually a crybaby.

Despite his appearance, which seemed strong, his heart is as tender as a maiden's heart. He needs to be coaxed and persuaded with sweet words and praises, or he might not stop his miserable crying.

Boohoo, Da Kyung, Ryan, help me!

I'm stuck in some weird place, in an unknown world, alone!

Some strangers and random people decided to bully me!

My body is hurting, and my face is hideous. My stomach is also bloating like a nine-month pregnant lady. Jae Woon wept in his heart.

Curse you, almond! This is because of you, nutty nut! Damn it!

Boohoo! (3x)

Jae Woon cries and cries until his eyes become red and puffy. His sobbing and sniffling are so miserable and pitiful that they probably will stretch out anyone's heartstrings who heard them.

And yet, no one is coming here to comfort him. No one is there to coax him, and he is truly lonely. His friends are not by his side anymore.

The fact is painfully hard to swallow, but Jae Woon has finally realized the feeling of being abandoned and deserted.

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