1 Chapter 1 - The Present.

Higara sat on the porch of his girlfriend's cottage, watching the clouds roll by. He was glad that she had agreed to let him stay, due to the fact he didn't have anywhere to go at the moment, since his Hollow had been burned down.

He was grateful for her.

Then again, she did love him. He loved her for it.

He yawned and scratched the back of his head. His body ached, and he needed to sleep. The reason why he was outside and not taking a much needed rest like Celestia was, was due to the fact that he had a lot of things on his mind. No way could he even gain a chance to sleep, even with the banging sensation in the back of his head, pleading him to do so.

So instead, he stared vacantly at the Garden, where a few butterfly's did their thing. He smiled. They had zero care in the world, other than survival. Was he really that much different from them though? His entire life had been a story of survival. A hard one at that.

He shook his head. He really had to get over all the self pity.

He got up, and walked off the porch, shoving his hands in his pockets. How long has he been here now? In Briar? He was Seventeen now. It must've been a while. He had met Ronnie when he was fifteen, and it had been a while then before he had even met Ronnie.

Ronnie... He shook his head again, as he sat in front of the Garden.

He must've at least had been fourteen when he crossed the barrier... He remembered, as he had broke down in a sobbing fit when he had turned fifteen, realizing that there would be no one to celebrate it with him. Not his friends, not his family, and surely not the wild creatures that accompanied him in this strange, old world he had come to know and love over time, thanks to his friends...

Thanks to his new fathers.

He stared down at his mother's favorite flowers. Hydrangea. He even remembered why she loved them. A small smile spread across his face, as he began to be sucked into his past.

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