119 Physically in sync

The remainder of the drive was enveloped with the sweet melody playing inside the car, covering their silence, as both were lost in their thoughts.

She kept her eyes on the view outside, admiring the lights the illuminated the darkness around it. A great contrast to the natural light that she had admired on the island. This one came from the different street lights, buildings, billboards that they passed by on the road.

While Raf was busy concentrating on the road, with his thoughts slightly wondering about the girl that was silently sitting at his side.

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When he parked the car in front of her building, he stared at the beautiful woman sleeping on his side. She was not perfect but she had this charm that easily attracted the people around her.

"We're here." He leaned forward to kiss her gently on the forehead, then carefully nudged her on the forearms to wake her up.

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