3 Held its magic

Now, she was off to another place her manager arranged for her at the last minute. Based on her, it was a secluded island, where a private resort was situated. Many celebrities and famous personalities used that place to find solitude away from the maddening world they lived in, with the people on the island known for their discretion.

As she sat quietly on the plane, the events of yesterday replayed in her mind. From the time her affair was exposed until the moment she arrived at the airport. Everything happened so fast that she did not get enough chance to process it all in.

"Sabrina, would you like anything to drink or something to eat?" Amy asked her, but she was too immersed in her thoughts to notice her.

She continued to look outside the window, contemplating whether she made the right decision. Her assistant decided to leave her alone, knowing full well what her boss was going through.

She recalled the look on his father's face when she arrived at her house to pack for her impending departure. She was not expecting to see her family in her living room, waiting for her. It would seem that they quickly came over when they heard the news.

The disappointment was written all over his face. George and Margie, her two older sisters, who were present too, wore a similar expression.

"Why did you stoop so low for that man? He was married. Many eligible men are begging for your attention. Still, you end up with that son of a b****," Enrico, his father yelled at her. He was furious that her youngest daughter, who resembled so much of her late wife, was entangled in a scandalous affair with a married man.

For the first time, he felt that he failed as a father. He had raised his kids the best way he could as a single dad after her wife died at childbirth when Sabrina was born. Georgina, his firstborn, turned out to be a renowned thoracic surgeon, while Margaret became a defense lawyer, who followed his footstep.

Sabrina, being the youngest, was a bit different. She never cared for school, but she did love performing just like her mother. Enrico did not mind if Sabrina had taken that path. He still supported her as long as she was happy.

"I just could not understand why you have to do this to yourself," his father uttered dejectedly. George went to his side to assist his father since he had a bad heart condition.

Margie, who was the level-headed of them all, decided to cut in. "How are you? What are your plans?" She patted her shoulders, assuring her that they only wanted to make sure she was ok and not to judge her.

She told them that she would go away for a while. Let the issue cooled down before they came up with another plan, omitting to tell them about the other decision she made.

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"You should forget about Brad while you are away. He is not good enough for you. Use your head for once," George said.

She could understand her family's sentiment. Even she disapproved of her decision to get involved with him in the first place, but the heart wanted what it wanted, and she could not stop it even if she tried.

Then her mind went back to the time she left the hotel. She could only feel shame at the fiasco that followed after they left her room.

Brad was the first to leave with his publicist, assistant, and bodyguards. It took a while before her manager decided that it was time for them to go. They did not want them to be spotted leaving the place at the same time.

The hotel manager was assisting them to the back alley where they would make their escape, but somehow some news reporters and paparazzi found out about it.

As soon as they spotted them, the reporters, together with the gathering crowd, started bombarding them with all sorts of questions, mostly directing their attention on Sabrina.

"Is it true that you are having an affair with Mayor De Luca?" A shrilling voice of the reporter penetrated the loud shouting coming from the crowd.

"How did you feel that your fans now knew what you are truly like?" One young lady shouted as she tried to get a better view of her.

Flashing lights were at every angle. The paparazzi were trying their best to get better access to get a good shot of her face. Luckily, the hotel's security was able to fend them off.

"A homewrecker." Someone from the growing crowd shouted.

"A mistress." Another one shouted.

"When did you started your affair with Mayor Bradley De Luca?" A male reporter this time asked her.

"Just keep walking and lower your head," Jessica whispered beside her as the security continued to guide them towards the car waiting for them.

"Is it true that you are already pregnant with your first baby?" The people around her kept shouting more additional questions, but she just kept her head down as they finally entered her vehicle.

That last question was the only thing that stuck in her mind. She never thought of that, bringing a child in this situation. She was so focused on her selfish feelings that she did not consider the repercussions of her actions.

"Don't let those words affect you?" Jessica said. "All of this would eventually slow down, and things will go back to normal eventually. Let me handle this side of the fence. Concentrate on making yourself better."

She remained silent as her thoughts kept going back to that last question.

Jessica tried to shake her hands to catch her attention. "Just a piece of advice. I hope you are listening. During this time, I hope you will also learn to accept that what you have with Brad is already over. Don't hope that there will still be a future for the two of you."

Looking outside the window of her private jet, going to God knows where Jessica was sending her. She wondered if this was it. The point of her life to move on and forget about Brad. Could she do it? Forget him.

Since they parted yesterday, she had not heard from him. He did not try to make any form of communication with her. She started wondering if he even thought of her.

Maybe they were right about him, she thought. It was probably time for her to forget about him. She kept on gazing at the vast sky outside, not realizing the tears falling on her cheeks as she made the final decision of letting him go.

After several hours of flying in the beautiful weather, finally, the plane landed on a tiny airstrip on a large island. All she could see was the vast ocean surrounding it. A man, who introduced himself as Gerry, escorted her to a black car, taking her to the resort. According to the man, it was just ten minutes away.

A tall, balding man in a black suit was the first person to greet her. He introduced himself as the manager of the resort she would be staying with for the duration of her stay. He assured her that her utmost safety, care, and privacy would be their top priority in the resort.

"Gerry would be your driver and bodyguard as requested by Ms. Jessica. Lindsey would be here to assist you in your everyday needs," pointing at a middle-aged woman who was sporting a friendly smile on her face.

"Oh! I don't think I would need their services. Just the regular assistance would be good enough." She would rather have her privacy than being waited for hand and foot while staying in this place.

"I'm sorry, but Ms. Jessica insisted that we provide you with their services," the manager insisted. She decided to make her arrangement with them on her terms. She would ask for their assistance, only when needed be.

The manager guided her to a lovely bungalow house just a few yards away from the shoreline. She immediately went to check the sliding door leading outside. The view, standing from the patio, was magnificent.

She immediately fell in love with her new surrounding. This place was something she only dreamed of when she was young. Why had she not done this before? She thought to herself. Because she was always busy trying to be a successful actress, she mused to herself.

Now, for the first time, she was getting the best vacation of her life. She concluded.

But, her mind drifted somewhere else. What if she was spending this time together with Brad. They never got the chance to go out in the open, not even for a dinner date. They would plan for a weekend getaway, but something always came up to ruin it.

However, everything was gone anyway, so all their sacrifices not to be seen together were useless. Then again, Sabrina scolded herself for thinking of him. She had to learn to forget about him. Sooner rather than later. She was a dirty secret, after all. She understood now where she stood in his life.

"Do you like the place? We could switch to another one if this is not to your liking." The manager named Marco said.

"Can I call you Marco?" She asked him politely.

"Of course, you may, Ms. Sanders." Marco immediately replied.

"Call me Apple. Anyway, I love this place. I think I will settle comfortably in here just fine," scanning her surroundings one more time.

The manager made some gesture of leaving with his companions. "Well, we will leave you so you may take your rest. Gerry and Lindsey are just staying in that house over there. Their numbers are on the list on the phone directory, so if you need them. Just call."

They left her on her own to rest in her new home. Her things were already in her room, and then all she had to do was began unpacking. She decided to do that later. There would be enough time for that.

She wanted to explore the entire house and the perimeter. Check what was this place had to offer. At first glance, she was already definitely sure that this place held its magic.

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