10 Get away unscathed

10 – Get away unscathed

*** Hi! Are you still up for dinner? Do hope you remember me. Sky

She sent the text with shaking hands while walking back and forth in her living room, wondering if he would reply or ignore her message. Then, she chastised herself for worrying for no reason. It was as if she was interested to go out with him in the first place.

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After a minute, her phone pinged, signaling for an incoming message. She quickly checked it out. There it was, a message from the number she typed. Should she save the number on her phone? She debated with herself as she opened the message box.

*** Of course, I do. Where should I pick you up? – Raf

She started jumping in place, excited that their date was on. Then, calmed herself again. "This was not an actual date. It was more of a payback." She mumbled to herself. However, she could not let him know where she was staying. She had to think of something fast. She quickly texted a reply.

*** Could you give me the detail of the restaurant. I will meet you there instead. – Sky

They agreed on a restaurant just beside the café they bumped into the other day. That should not be a problem for her since she got herself familiar with that area. The meeting time would be around six, which should give her enough hours to prepare.

She began rummaging her closet for clothes, then swiftly realizing that she could not wear her old clothes. She was not going as Sabrina, but as Sky.

She took out her newly bought wardrobe and skimmed through it.

The vibration of her phone in her back pocket made her stopped what she was doing.

"Yes," she finally answered after wrestling with the clothes in her hand and eventually dropping all of them on the floor.

"How are you doing?" The other person on the other side of the ocean asked her. She was not expecting her sister to call her today or any other day. They were not close that way.

"Fine! Thanks for asking, George." She was still happy that her oldest sister at least bothered to call with her busy schedule.

She loved her sisters with all her heart. It was just that George was a bit uptight. They did not seem to meet eyed to eyed. Maybe it had something to do with their age difference, about ten years, or just their personality that made them clashed.

"Just checking on my little sister. Dad wanted to make sure that you are doing fine. Regardless of what happened, he still worries about you. Me too." Her voice was gentler this time compared to the usual way she talked to her.

"I'm fine, just trying to put my life back together again. You can tell Dad that her little girl is tough because he taught me that. I can take care of myself." She assured her.

She wanted to talk to her Dad too, but she did not want to push it. She had to wait until his Dad was ready to forgive her.

"Thanks, Sis, for thinking of me. Take care of Dad." She said as she hugged a pillow in her bed, missing her family. Although they did fight a lot when they were in the same room, they were still family. There were times that they do laugh together too.

When she hanged the phone, she started preparing for her first date on this island. Choosing a simple sundress and flat sandals was easy, but putting on her disguise was quite tricky. She opted not to put on light makeup just like the last time, but she had to make some changes in her eyebrows, making it thicker, and then for the final touch, a dark mole just above her lips. It must look the same way, or he might notice and catch her. It had to be exact for this to work.

She had thought of doing this before but never had the chance to do it. Now, she could finally put to the test her real talent. That was acting in real life. If she could film this, it would be something she could cherish for a good laugh in the future, but she had to settle with her memories.

Before she forgot, she went back to her side table and picked up her final disguise. Instead of using her contact lenses, she used her glasses. She had a slight deterioration in her eyesight, nothing serious, but it still required her to wear glasses or contacts.

"Hey, are you going somewhere?" Lindsey questioned, seeing her all dressed up in her new clothes when she walked out of her room.

"Nope. Just planned to hang out on the patio," she said, as she took her Ipad and lounge on the long chair, pretending to read a book.

"I already arranged some food on the fridge. All you need is to heat it if you go hungry." Lindsey said as she moved away from the kitchen towards her.

"Don't worry, Lindsey. I can take care of myself. Go ahead and rest. You've been working all day. I won't be needing you tonight." She assured her as she continued to read, moving her eyes from one line to another, but not understanding any single word.

"If you are sure. I had a lot of things to do at the house. Just call if you need anything at all." Lindsey shouted as she closed the door behind her. She only nodded, but as soon as she knew Lindsey was out of sight, she quickly took action.

She had no reason to tell Lindsey of her plan. It was just for one night to teach Rafael a lesson.

She planned to go to the meeting place on her own. She already arranged a ride thru her mobile app, so she did not need Gerry to drive her. He might blow her cover if he got a whiff of what she was doing.

She was glad that she got familiarize with the small town quickly. So, she maneuvered around town without Lindsey or Gerry's help. Besides, she was enjoying every minute of her independence.

At five minutes to six, she arrived just outside the restaurant. It was not as fancy as what she was used to, but she liked it. She excitedly walked towards the door with her disguise. Shaking her body to shake off the nerves just like she used to do before filming a scene, she walked to the door and scanned the place.

Time to test her talent. Would anybody recognize her transformation? Would he catch her in her lie? More importantly, could she pull this off and get away unscathed?

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