18 Break her heart

She woke up very early the following morning. She never felt this alive, not even when she was seeing Brad. Then, realizing that she had not thought of Brad the whole time she was with Rafael. She pondered if she was finally getting over him because of Raf.

It seemed like she was using Raf as a rebound from her failed relationship with Brad. She immediately scratched the thought off. She was not even sure if what she had with Raf would be considered anything at all. She had a good time in his company but was that enough.

She recalled what happened yesterday after Raf kissed her. It was something she was not expecting, but she did enjoy every minute of it. He was a good kisser based on her standard. She certainly had several experienced to compare it with, considering her profession and her previous relationships.

She just stared at him, not able to think clearly. He was also astonished by his action. They were both paralyzed for a moment, afraid to move or say anything that might break the spell.

"I wanted to kiss you ever since you stepped into my house this morning." He stared at her eyes, waiting for her to say something. When she did not respond, he continued, "I'm sorry, but I couldn't stop myself."

She remained silent while lifting her hands to his neck, pulling him down to her, and kissing him passionately. She did not need to say anything because actions speak louder than words.

If her action was any indication, he just confirmed that she also felt the same way as him.

He placed his hand on her chin, tilting her face to him. He was tall, around 6'2" in her estimation, but she was not short, by the female standard. If she wore her five inches heels, then they would be of the same height.

He was planning to kiss her again, unable to resist her lips, when he heard a commotion at his back.

"Maybe you two love birds like some snacks. It's better served while it's hot. You can continue to do that later."

Gran smiled mischievously at them before walking back to the house. They did not even felt her presence until she made herself known.

As soon as she entered the house, she smelled the most delicious pie ever. "Wow, that smells great."

"That's Gran's special Apple Pie. It is the best pie for me." Raf declared to her. He guided her to the small table in the kitchen where his grandma set up a few plates, the pie, and some lemonade.

"Well, eat it now while it is still freshly baked." Grandma Ellie said, slicing a huge portion for Raf and a smaller one for her.

"Thanks for sharing this with me." She said to the old sweet lady.

Grandma Ellie smiled with her wrinkles bulging up in the corner of her lips. "It was our pleasure to meet you, Sky." She said in her lovely voice. "I'm glad that my grandson here brought you here to meet us."

She suddenly felt ashamed for pretending to be someone she was not. Which one are they seeing? The person that she wished she was or the person she was pretending to be because as of now, she was confused about who she wanted to be in his eyes.

"Of course, we are happy to have you here. Such a beautiful girl like you rarely visits our home." His grandpa interjected as he moved to the other end of the table. "You are always welcome here."

"But, I rather you moved faster. Your Gran and I are not exactly getting younger. We still want to see our great-grandchildren." He jested, directing it to Raf.

Raf shook his head in surrender as his grandparents never stopped with their whining about getting him married and with kids.

"But you already have Xavier." He reasoned as he took a bite of the delicious pie.

"We want him to have cousins." His grandpa insisted.

"I also want an angel, a beautiful great-granddaughter, to cuddle." Gran gestured as if she was cuddling a child in her arms.

"You have to forgive Gran and Grandpa. They are getting senile as they age." Raf countered with a smile. His grandparents laughed at his words, not offended at all.

She was enjoying the interaction between them, feeling the love and bond that emulated from the three. She could only wish that she could be a part of something like that.

After a lovely afternoon with the old couple, they finally bade their goodbye and returned to the park. Eventually picking up Baxter and going back to the resort.

When he dropped her at Lindsey's front door, he again kissed her passionately. It was the sweetest thing she ever felt. She felt like flying.

She was just glad that Lindsey appeared to be busy inside the house to notice what happened.

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She immediately walked back to her house when she saw that Raf's car was already out of sight.

She certainly felt different when she was with Raf. She was attracted to him. He possessed most of the things that she would look for in a man. Although she did not have an ideal man, she was considering his qualities as admirable.

The ringing of her phone notified her of an incoming call. She quickly stopped her daydreaming and snatched the phone to answer the call.

"Yes." She immediately said, excited to see his name on her screen.

"Will you have breakfast with me?" Raf's voice was music to her ears.

"Sure." She answered back, rolling in her back.

"Great. I'll pick you up in fifteen minutes." Then, the line went dead. She continued to hug the pillow, imagining it to be him.

After a few seconds, something clicked in her muddled brain. She quickly ran to the bathroom, fixed herself, got dressed, and checked her disguise.

She managed to finish in ten minutes, giving her a few minutes to transfer to the other house. She grabbed her phone and shoes and ran out the door.

She was walking fast on the path when she was surprised to see Raf already talking to Lindsey by the door. She feared that her charade was over.

"Oh, Sky. Raf was looking for you. I told him that I just sent you to the other house for some errand." Her voice had a hint of a warning that she could detect.

"Thanks, Aunt Lindsey, but I will take it from here." She stated with a promise that she would explain later.

"I already inform Nana that I am taking you out," Raf informed her.

"Nana?" She asked, curious about the nickname.

"I was their nanny for some time, so they used that to tease me and it stuck," Lindsey explained.

"Admit it. You did love it when we call you that." Raf teased Lindsey as he hugged her with affection. He had loved her like family, and that would never change.

"Well, you two have fun." Lindsey sent her wishes, hoping that this plan of hers did not backfire on her and leave them both hurt in the process.

Lindsey loved Rafael like a son. Not having a child of her own, she devoted herself to taking care of him and his late brother. Now, getting to know Sky, she felt the bond she always wanted with a daughter.

She would not wish for any one of them to get hurt. Not only would it be hard on them, but it would break her heart too.

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