15 A good friendship or something more

Rafael dropped his phone on the kitchen table after calling Sky. He took out a box from the lower cabinet and poured its content on the bowl on the floor just beside the counter.

"Baxter, come on, boy. Breakfast is ready." Baxter ran towards him and started smelling his food before eventually diving in. He patted his head before going to the patio, where he was packing up a delicious snack into a picnic basket for their trip.

He sat down on the rail and gazed at the beautiful view outside, but it was nothing compared to the woman on his mind right now.

When he left her last night on her door, halfway on his way to his house, he suddenly came up with an idea to show her around the island. He contemplated going back, but when he looked back at her door, she was already gone.

He ended up calling her instead just moments ago. He was ecstatic when she agreed, so he did not mind if he waited until she was ready. He was supposed to pick her up, but he was willing to settle to wait until she was through with whatever Lindsey asked her to do.

His phone ringing interrupted his preparation, and he went to answer it. "Yes. Uncle Jorge, what can I do for you?" he said immediately upon seeing his name on the screen. Although he appreciated the helped this man did for his company. Right now was not the time to talk about it.

"Aren't you done with your vacation yet?" His uncle asked with a little impatience in his voice.

They were not actually related by blood. Jorge was his father's best friend and the father of Melissa. Since his father's untimely death, Jorge had been helping him run the company until he was ready to take over.

"You know I still have two weeks left in our arrangement. Let me enjoy this first before I drown myself in the company." He jokingly said, but deep inside, he was serious about finding himself in a deep ocean drowning with sharks everywhere.

He was still young for a CEO position as far he and some board members were concerned. In truth, he was not entirely sure if he could manage to run the entire company by himself. Although he was trained for it, he still lacked the experience.

"Just make sure that in two weeks, I will see you in your new office." His uncle declared before cutting the line. He was not someone you could mess around with and got away with it. He ran one of the most successful companies in the country. In other words, he only expected the best from him too.

After his two weeks here, he would be back in the life that was meant for him. His one month of self-exile would soon be over. Would he be ready to accept his new position? To take on the responsibility of taking over as the new head of the company?

Since his father's death, he was thrust into the position because his brother refused to get involved. He knew that the day would come where he would eventually have to take over the company. He was not expecting it to happen this soon. He had no choice but to step up as his uncle was getting old too, so handling two huge companies was getting bothersome for him. He insisted that Raf took over the company soon.

"Better hurry eating, Baxter, if you plan to come with us." It would be his third week on the island, with Baxter as his only company. Talking to the dog was better than talking to the wall or the invisible air.

He checked the time on his wristwatch and then remembered he needed something in his room, making sure that everything about his plan was going to be perfect. He could not remember any time in his past that he had made such an effort for a girl.

Although he did get involved with someone special to him before, he was sure that his feelings for her were not the same as the way he was feeling for Sky. The short time he had spent with Sky was enough for him to think that she was different. She was unique.

After almost an hour, he wondered what was taking her so long. All night, all he could think about was to take her out on a romantic surprise. For the first time after a long while, he was willing to take a chance again with her. He just hoped that what he had planned today would be enough to convince her to take a chance with him.

Maybe he could ask Lindsey to let her off this time, but that would not be a good idea. He did not like to hear an earful from her. He had lived with her rules his entire childhood, so he had a good grasp of her character.

"Baxter, where are you going?" He shouted as the dog quickly sprinted out the door. He also followed him to check the commotion.

"Hi!" She said when she came to view with Baxter on her side.

"Hi, Sky. Come in." He greeted her with a slight hug. He immediately invited her inside the house, seeing her just standing beside his glass sliding door.

"I'm sorry if I took longer than I anticipated," apologizing for her lateness. It took her a while to convince Lindsey to agree with her. They ended up with a compromise that in a week, she had to tell him the truth.

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"No, it was no big deal. I'm just glad that you made it." He said. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah, by the way, where are we going? I was not sure I am dress properly," but seeing Raf wearing casual jeans and a shirt with sneakers, she was slightly relieved that she wore something in the same style.

"It's a surprise. You're perfect, by the way." The way he said it made her insides melt. He extended his arms, guiding her to the door. "Shall we go?"

"Let's go." She took his hand and walked with him towards his car. He already packed everything in the car, so all he was waiting for was her.

"Would you at least give me an idea where we are going?" She asked him as they started to drove to the main road. "I don't like surprises." She pouted.

"If I tell you, it will ruin the surprise. I really would like to see your reaction on this one." He kept his eyes on the road and let her fumed for a while.

"Please! Even a small hint." She pleaded, really curious if he could withstand her adorable acting.

He continued to ignore her plea and just smiled at her cute behavior. It was not annoying like some of the girls he dated. He genuinely found it amusing.

"Well, at least tell me if we are going to drive all day to this destination of yours so I can dose off." She said with a hint of mocking in her tone.

"No sleeping. It's just a few more minutes away." He responded with a chuckle, checking on her expression, which was quite hilarious. She was now clowning around in her seat. "If you don't tell me now, I will tickle you to death." She started wiggling her fingers.

"Don't do that? I'm driving. You might send us to our demise." He said while laughing at her tickling. She finally stopped, realizing that she had gone too far.

"Ok. You win, but if I don't like this surprise of yours, I will continue what I started." She threatened him. They continued with their light banters until they both were left in their respective thoughts.

Would this be the start of a good friendship or something more? They both wondered and unconsciously hoped for the latter.

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