112 South Continent In Danger

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Just then, the cultivators who withdrew from Muguang Mountain to the South Continent noticed that there was a lot of prenatal qi around Luoshen River. The news of this gradually spread.

Soon, Luoshen River had been occupied by the major families from the South Continent.

Mu Qingfeng had also returned to the Mu Family's ancestral home.

Liu Yu circled the Luoshen River.

The Mu Family and Xia Family were both here.

The South Continent had not descended into chaos yet.

But as the news spread farther and farther, numerous families from Zhongzhou secretly sent people to the South Continent to check this out for themselves.

After confirming this news, many people in Zhongzhou were shocked.

Many of the Zhongzhou masters who couldn't stay in Zhongzhou any longer flocked to the South Continent one after another.

"I would never guess that the people from Zhongzhou would come here one day!"

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