113 Dilemma

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"The two sides have been fighting each other for so long. They've both suffered such heavy losses without achieving their goals. In order to take a break, they have decided to change their target."

Liu Yu was surprised. "They're attacking the South Continent just because of that?"

"The person hiding in the Qianyuan Holy Land said that it was to channel the South Continent's qi," said Old Demon Han.

He was also confused by this.

What was the point of the Qianyuan Sacred Ground channeling qi?

He could understand if they wanted to plunder resources.

But the South Continent did not have much resources left for the Qianyuan Sacred Ground.

Unless there was some secret he was unaware about?

"To channel the South Continent's qi?" Liu Yu frowned.

What did he mean?

"I only know that the South Continent's prenatal qi is recovering. Could that be related to why they're channeling the qi?"

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