1 Awakening

Every parent tells their children, when they're young, that there's no such thing as monsters in the dark. Some of us grow believing them, grow up, and repeat the cycle with our own children. Others, like myself, know there are such things as monsters in the dark. Only difference between these monsters and the ones children believe to be under the bed or in the closet is their look.

I've often thought about my childhood and my parents telling me monsters didn't exist. I found out early on that they were wrong, very wrong. The monsters I saw weren't just over-sized teddy bears with lots of hair and horns on its head. Or an octopus-like monster with eight eyes trying to grab my feet if I tried to get out of bed. I saw monsters that looked just like anyone else walking down the street but for some reason these monsters had black eyes and a deep red aura. I never realized how different I really was until I asked my parents if they saw it too.

I was only ten when my parents sent me to the mental ward, like that would solve everything, to 'correct the evil in me' as they called it. I wasn't there long before I told everyone I no longer saw these things.

Some people call it a sixth sense like it's a good thing but I call it hell. I've never had a relationship other than the occasional one nighter, where I'm gone before they even sober up enough to realize I was even there. Sometimes, I see couples on the streets and watch them; study them. I wonder how they can even be happy when I see their true colors as plan as day. More so, I wonder if I will ever meet someone who matches my true color, or colors rather. My aura is a true mystery.

"Stop day dreaming and focus on the job!" I mumble to myself as I push away from the cold brick wall in the shadows of the setting sun.

As I walk down the street, I keep my head low, avoiding eye contact and keeping my black leather trench coat wrapped tight around me to conceal my weapons. I learned the hard way that some monsters have the ability to read your mind and know every move you'll make, before you even make it. over the years, I have become very isolated from the world. I have no one to talk to but myself and the monsters that haunt my dreams.

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