1 1*Happy Kingdom Saturn.

Once upon a time there was a kingdom named"Saturn."This kingdom was very happy kingdom. The king Xian was a very polite ruler. He had waited for many years for a kid. Today that day came a new baby boy born at his Palace. He named baby boy" Sharmon". He was very happy. He gave a grand party at his Palace to all his kingdom's people. A huge fair was organised by his ministers at open ground of his Palace. He gave pearls and gold ornaments to his servers. His happiness was at great level. He didn't know how to express this. He organised a big prayer at his Palace to celebrate and Thank God for giving him a boy his kingdom's heir. The baby boy was very handsome. His eyes were bluish green. He had golden curly hair. Face tone was fair. He looked like a charming God gifted boy like a male toy. The kingdom was very peaceful. The king always did justice. He always did good things to develop his kingdom. The Prince was growing up. His first birthday came. The grand party was organised at the Palace. The Prince cut the cake and cake distributed to all kids of kingdom and Prince friends from other kingdoms. The Palace was lightened with lights and diya.The Palace looked like a sky where lights were like twinkling stars.