Hidden Heir*Rixen* Book

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Hidden Heir*Rixen*


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The kingdom Saturn was very rich. The king was very polite. He fells ill. But nobody knew the original heir of Kingdom. Because when the Prince was only 3years.They lost him during one war. They tried their level best to find him. Their original heir was a very talented guy Rixen who was risen up in very small village of their kingdom in house of very poor farmer. My story was about how after King fell ill. He was at his death bed. His ministers decided to find the original heir. Then after that very fake heirs came to their kingdom. Rixen even didn't knew he was the original heir. He suddenly landed in his kingdom due to some work. In his village due to his extra ordinary talent in fencing. Villagers called him Sword hero. The ministers fed up of all the fake princes who came to their kingdom to claim they are original heirs. The ministers decided to find the original heir by very hidden ways. They went to their kingdom's all villages and cities in normal dresses. One day, they saw a boy was showing his skills in fencing in one fair. They shocked because only their King Thorn knew these skills. They had doubted. They decided to know more about this boy. They went to his village after knowing from him his address. From his parents their doubt became more strong. Then they took permission from his parents to take their son to their kingdom to save King's life. His parents agreed. Now Rixen's journey has started from normal guy to become Prince of Kingdom Saturn. But without knowing anything about this before. That was the story when he knew he was the Prince of that Kingdom where he was living as a very poor guy from very years. How he had reacted and what he did for his kingdom after knowing his hidden talents and his birth history