6 A funky inheritance

Serpentine palace, underground cellar:

The snake clan royal treasures and precious resources were usually stored in the palace cellar, heavily guarded by highly skilled and experienced royal serpentine guards.

Since the serpentine clan is a spirit beast clan, their assortment of treasures and elixirs might not be that eye-catching, but there was still something priceless and invaluable in that underground cellar.

In one corner of the cellar, six pristine crystal balls were carefully rested on multiple layers of soft clothing.

There were even arrays of protection placed around them to prevent any sort of mishaps from harming them.

They seemed to contain some sort of miasma swirling within them. These were the single most invaluable heritage treasures of the serpentine clan!

Each crystal ball is rumored to contain secrets and techniques closely guarded by the clan for centuries after centuries.

But unfortunately, it could only be accessed, awakened, and inherited by the fated snake beast.

The others couldn't even break it open no matter what they did.

In fact, it had long since become a tradition for the royal lineage and other talented snakes to test their affinity with the crystal ball, but so far no one had succeeded in awakening one.

And tonight... after countless years... finally... something mysterious was occurring in the isolated underground cellar!

The instant Tang Yue regained her consciousness, one of the crystal balls miraculously emptied out and disappeared into nothingness.


Edorian elven establishment:

"Who the heck is shaking me?" Tang Yue woke up with a huge headache, tremors spreading across her frail body.

This random elf was unceremoniously holding her upside down and lowering her into a pit?

Damn it! I am a royal consort for heaven's sake!!

Tang Yue immediately wiggled trying to free herself. When that did not work, she instantly reverted back to her human form.

Since her clothes had dropped off back in the carriage when she had shape-shifted, Tang Yue promptly used her dark blue scales to cover her private areas.

She then glared angrily at the shocked elf and quickly donned a serpentine royal robe, retrieved from her space pearl.

"First you try to kill me and since that did not work, are you now burying me alive?" Her cold piercing eyes questioned the confused elf.

"No, your highness. Forgive this servant." The palace aide shook his head vigorously in denial.

"We really thought that your highness had passed away because of unfortunate circumstances and hence attempted to provide you with some peace in the afterlife." The elf hastily explained.

He was one of the palace aides and the matter of receiving and escorting the snake clan princess had been handed over to him.

"This humble servant's name is Lotte and I am assigned to serve your highness during this stay."

"If you are ready, I can escort your highness to your private chamber." Lotte meekly bowed and introduced himself.

Tang Yue gazed at the elf intently for a while, before murmuring, "Hmmm... ok. Take me to my chambers."

It looked like there was no point in asking this elf about the attempted poisoning. So she didn't bring it up.

Moreover, by now, Tang Yue had a rough idea about the importance of this engagement to the arrogant elves, which was a staggering big fat zero.

Basically, she just had to keep her head down and live in the elven province without causing any troubles.

Beyond that, the crown prince was probably not in the least interested in her. He might not even visit her in this lifetime.

Tang Yue decided to not bring up the whole poisoning episode for now and simply followed the aide Lotte.

She still had not recovered completely from her stupor.

Maybe a restful night's sleep could help her think things through and figure out some sort of a plan in the morning.

However, both Lotte and Tang Yue did not notice the faint, almost invisible wisp of energy, which appeared out of nowhere and now followed the duo.

Soon they both reached the southern palace quarters.

Since it was the middle of the night, not many elves were roaming about except for the armed royal guards.

Lotte quickly lead Tang Yue into one of the many chambers obnoxiously lying around in the southern wing of the palace, the place where the crown prince resided.

As soon as she entered, Tang Yue drew in a deep breath. She couldn't help but take a second and marvel at the luxury and the grandiose of the elven palace.

Marble floors and ceilings with exquisite golden carvings, silken beddings, lavish furniture, and extravagant decorations.

This was indeed a chamber befitting an elven royal!

However, eyeing this exorbitant space, for some reason, Tang Yue slightly missed her dingy little nook at the serpentine palace.

But otherwise, it looked very comfortable.

Tang Yue still couldn't believe that they wasted such an ornate chamber on a ridiculously low importance guest or rather a political hostage like her.

"This kingdom must really be rolling around in riches and resources!" Tang Yue sneered with contempt.

There was no scarcity in stories about the tyrannical elven crown prince and his merciless conquests.

He was well known for ravaging and plundering the weak and vulnerable clans.

All these riches were probably plundered from some other helpless little clans and kingdoms like hers.

Giving her some privacy, Lotte bid her good night. "I will always be within your earshot, your highness. Don't hesitate to call me if you need anything."

Watching the slender little elf tiptoe away and carefully close the door, Tang Yue finally heaved a sigh of relief.

She collapsed on the feather bed and closed her heavy eyes.

"A new beginning in a strange land huh?" A sad melancholic smile crept on her mesmerizing face.

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