Hidden genius: Black belly snake
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Hidden genius: Black belly snake


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What is Hidden genius: Black belly snake

Hidden genius: Black belly snake is a popular web novel written by the author Yolohy, covering SYSTEM, WEAK TO STRONG, STRONG-FEMALE-LEAD, CULTIVATION, COMEDY, EVOLVE, ALCHEMY, FACE-SLAPPING, ROYAL LOVE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.5M readers with an average rating of 4.77/5 and 51 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 129 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Betrayed by her entire family, Tang Yue, the seventh princess of the snake clan, was betrothed to the tyrannical Elven prince, who is known for his blood lust and cold-blooded murders. He is even rumored to have killed several concubines mercilessly. Deemed as a piece of useless baggage and now tossed aside as a political chip, Tang Yue braved herself for the new torturous life that awaited her. As if this was not enough, someone mysteriously poisoned her in the betrothal ceremony. But akin to a slap in the face, that poison actually turned around Tang Yue’s pathetic life!! Poisonous fruits? Sure give me some. I need to snack anyways. Deadly toxin? Sure. My throat is a bit parched. Heh. Now you want to actually cut me down? Sure. You just have to slash past this thick skin! The lowly beast that had invoked its innate ability to evolve silently resolved to conquer the heavens. And of course, she had a master... ahem... system to help her along the way! ....................... I do not own the cover art and it will be removed upon request.


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Awesome storyline. Love the antics of our lovely snake princess, particularly her affinity with poisons - the more poisonous the better !! 😬😬 Can't wait to see how she will conquer the Crown Prince.. and how she will get rid of the harem too.. hehehe.. 🥰❤😍❤😘


People!!!!!! This is legit gold. I literally binge read it and can't wait for more. Story development is good and MC's personality is strong.💚💚💚💚💚 So I am just going to say this story is worth Gold


Ahhh! what an amazing book. I am in love with this novel. This novel is about a beautiful snake who was cripple but fortunately got a system which not onli helped to heal her cripple meridian but also made a way for her to get stronger.


Please don't stop. Please please PLEASE don't stop. Too many authors give up early, and I don't want you to be one of them. Please tell us what heppens next <3


One of the best novels I've ever read the plot twist and the storyline is great the background detail and the heart is also very good and overall I think you should read it.


Quite unique and interesting concept. The shape shifting is fun ^^ Slightly worried about where evolution will take the poor MC like will she even be remotely a snake after it finishes lol? I hope she more or less remains herself. Also the skill list will get super long of she keeps picking up bloodlines? Maybe she'll lose the useless ones since quite frankly idk how many her biology can support.. Well that's something for far in the future though.. The way she improves herself is really funny and the interactions are pretty comic as well. Interested to see what happens next. Good job author-san. Oh and as for spelling and grammar, the most common is the misuse of he/she. It makes it hard to tell the gender sometimes. Otherwise very good with minor mistakes very rarely.


I love this story. It's very well written and has an amazing storyline that leaves you wanting for more after every chapter. Dear author, PLEASE continue writing and dont drop this wonderful story 😊


At first I was a bit skeptical of this story based on a few things ,1 the fact she was poisoned in route seemed a bit less dramatic then I would have thought...2 the Prince seemed not at all concerned nore did he show any form of being angry...if I was a cold blooded Prince I would consider the fact they sent a poisoned princess as an insult to my offer of a truce and want to send a harsh and lasting message back stating such .....other then that the story is already a very compelling one I can not wait to see how it developes


Though the story started with the usual manipulation of unfilial father with an additional schemes from stepmother, the story is doing great. Keep up the good work, author. All the best!


The book is very good the caractères design is beri make whit a good idea (Version fr) ce livre est bien les personnages font vraiment envie...


I am enjoying this book and I look forward to reading more as it comes out. Can't rate as 5 star due to some inconsistencies in the story along with what seems like a changing status screen every time it is opened.


I was pleasently surprised by the Authors writing steadily improving. I just had to stick it out and keep readig past the video game system cliche. Very cute story of constant revenge.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


It's a face slapping story of the female serpentine or the female lead who because of a poison change her life completely and shows her inner abilities.


I must say I am gland I decided to read this book because it's great. I find most of novels of similar setting obnoxious, especially the interactions between FL and ML, but here there is none of that kind of grade two level of romance. I wish the author can increase the daily release of chapters to 2 or 3. One chapter daily is too meager for my satisfaction.


Honestly love this novel. I didn't expect a actual good novel when I started reading the synopsis and first few chapters. I expected another boring cultivation novel with the exact same story. but this novel has been nothing but funny and entertaining.


At first I had no interest in this story. I accidentally clicked on it and I thought it was another one of those romance stories that I have plenty of in my arsenal. But after reading some more and giving it a chance I can see it's a lot different than percieved. I'm not sure if there will be a romance part in this series and honestly I don't care. I wouldn't even be mad if there wasn't the main character doesnt really need a love interest in my opinion. But still a good story and a lot different than what I thought. keep up the good work!


The story is very original. It brings life to what most players would not consider in any types of games. Quick moving and it will pull you in and get your imagination fired up.


This is honestly really good. The story is consistent and has a flow that's not too fast or too slow. The main character has a defined personality and she isn't suddenly way too powerful. I look forward to seeing how she schemes her way out of trouble next![img=recommend]


I'm enjoying this book so far, it's a good read! There's enough intrigue to keep you interested and there's humour too. Keep up the good work, author, well done!


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