1 The beginning

"Keep away, to don't you dare come any closer" Begged a shyly timid girl. Who had the looks of a 14 year old.Tears had been seem to be forming in that delicate young girl's eyes. "Do think even if someone saw us they'd try to stop me. Don't forget that nobody cares about you".Said a freakishly tall and wide man .As the man came closer the girl backed away eagerly as to try and stay away from that shrud man until she hit wall. "Please don't" said the girl."HAHAHAHA don't hide away.There's no saving anymore" told the man 2 years later. A girl was seen in a apartment crying by herself in her sleep in a room a byherself .Or so seemed that way but in oje corner of the room was a young abd handsome about 6 foot tall and had complexsion which seemed evenly tanned and had heart throbbing round teary looking green eyes.Looking at the girls from afar, not daring to proceed any closer to the young girls laying on her bed. Then the boy whipsered something as though he had known. the girl his intire life."I know the pain you've had to endure but know that the time has come I can finally protect you." Suddenly with a blink of an eye the boy had disappeared.