1 Hey Kyle!

Once upon a time, there lived a boy a name called Jason. He lived alone with his mom, he never went to school, he had depression and axienty. His mom never cared about him, she had given up on him because he was mentally ill and often mistreated him. Then, one day, Jason woke up and thought, "Another day of breathing....." He then saw someone random in his room, he started become terrified and backed up into a wall, the stranger said "Sorry if I scared you, I'm Kyle" he smiles sweetly. Jason suddenly became less tensed and said "I'm J-Jason...." and Kyle sat down beside him, "Relax, I'm not gonna hurt you, I just want to talk." Jason managed to move and sit beside Kyle, Kyle smiled and started chatting to Jason.

*Jason's POV*

I was always alone growing up, my mom gave up on me and never bothered to send me to school. She gave me food, water and shelter but she never really bothered about me. All of the sudden he just appeared, he said his name was Kyle and I felt...comforting and safe with him, he was always there for me. I felt...home...

"Hey Kyle! Let's play!"

"Hey Kyle! What do you wanna do?"

"Hey Kyle.... Mom scolded me again...."

"Hey Kyle! I finally manage to eat!"

"Hey Kyle! Let's talk!"

After a few months, they started talking more often but Kyle would always disappear if someone coming. Then one day.....

*Jason' POV*

I was talking to Kyle about my problems as usual, we were laughing together. Then, my mom suddenly stepped into the room, she came home earlier than usual which was..... weird. She would always be home late and be drunk but she was home early, she caught me talking to Kyle and I said "Hey mom, this is my friend Kyle, I've been talking to him for ages!" My mom looked at me confused and told me no one was there, I became confused too and told her "He's right here!" pointing towards Kyle, who remained expressionless, and my mom immediately dragged me out of my room, leaving Kyle inside my room, and put me in the car. She drove for quite a well without talking while I flooded her with questions, I was so confused. We arrived at a therapist place and she took me in and sat me down with my therapist. She explained that I had been talking to nothing for a few months and it was creepy. The therapist asked some questions before saying, "You have an imaginary friend, he will go away soon," I screamed in anger and yelled "His name is Kyle! He's a real person and he has been my only friend! I know he's real! I SEE HIM!" My mom thanked the therapist before dragging me out again, putting me in the car and driving off. "Ive noticed you were talking to a wall for a few months now, I assigned your therapist to see if you we're having an imaginary friend and I was right, don't waste your time talking to nothin, Jason" she spat bitterly at me. I was devastated, I couldnt think, I tried to process it but it was too much! The only person who's been there for me the whole time was fake..... I went home and sat down all night thinking with no sleep. I can't eat, I can't sleep, Im going crazy, then one day I couldn't take it anymore...

Jason stood on the edge of the roof of the apartment building, looking up at the sky. "Hey Kyle?"

"Are you proud of me living even when I want to die?....."

He smiles as he falls off the building. People screamed in terror and called an ambulance, "We're losing him!" the doctor exclaims to the nurse, Jason weakly put his hand on the doctor's hand and said "Don't worry, Kyle is waiting for me" before his hand drops limp and his heart beats for the last time as his soul left his body.

*Jason's POV*

Everyone had forgotten about me, no one came to see me at my funeral, my mom and the world hated. Im happy now with Kyle in Heaven...

No one knows me, no one cares. No one even saw me. I look down at my grave and I see a bouquet of flowers, an old man was walking away and he said "I'm sorry I couldn't help you son..."

I smile, knowing that there was one person who actually cared about me. I grab his hand and said "Hey Kyle! Let's go play!" as I drag him along the path of Heaven.

"I forgive you, Dad"

I smile and laugh as we ran across the field of flowers, the soft colours of flowers shined in the dazzling light. Angels flew like free birds in the sky, children chased each other and birds chirped happily in the Garden of Hope. This heaven is just like the one I imagined in my drean