7 Chapter 7

Today is the day of the entrance exam and I woke up early thanks to my cephalon.

Aster: Alright, I'm prepped, rested and ready for action! That will happen in two hours? Ordis you woke me up too early again!!

Ordis: I uh...Ah! I counted the stars as you requested. All accounted for! You don't have to thank me operator!

Aster: Did you just try to dodge the subject?

Ordis: ...

Sighing, I went out and walked towards the UA.

"Maybe I'll be lucky and meet with Toru and Kyoka before it starts."

As I walked, the early morning breeze hit my face and cleared my mind and when I saw the UA building it hit me.

"I never truly realized what me coming here means. A new beginning...and a lot of troubles along the way."

I chuckled and then noticed that some girls kept glancing at me.

"Now this is a confidence booster!"

Accepting my situation I took the heavy first step but then everything disappeared from my vision. It's like I was put in a dark tunnel and then reached the end of it. Light washing away the darkness. Then I saw her, in front of me, sitting on a strange throne.

Aster: Nata- Lotus?

She smiled, face hidden behind her mask leaving only her mouth visible.

Lotus: Tenno. You are ready!

I barely managed to register her words when I was teleported in a dimly lit square room. I found myself on one side of it. On each of the other 3 sides was a minimalistic shrine of sorts. What attracted my attention was that on each of the shrine, a different warframe was depicted.

In front of me was the depiction of Frost, on my left was Rhino and on my right was Atlas.

"I don't have to be a genius to figure out that it's time to choose my second warframe but...which one do I pick?"

At this point something was projected from the 3 depictions.

First it was Rhino. With its bulky armor and his abilities he devastates enemy fortifications while running headfirst in to the heat of combat, drawing the enemy's attacks like moths to a flame and shrugging then of like nothing.

Then it was Atlas. The silent titan of stone. His rule over the element of earth makes the ground tremble beneath him. Fighting with his Rumblers at his side, the twin golems and he are only needed to be Viewed by the enemy before their morale is crushed to dust like a stone under pressure.

Finally It was Frost. He wields powers colder and deadlier than the emptiness of the darkest corners of space. But, in the right hands, that which takes life can also protect it. He whispers...and the ice obeys.

After that, everything returned to as it was before. Three depictions awaiting to be chosen. But something remained. The pressure they released. And it was palpable.

"This is not a light decision to make. All three have high armor. Rhino is a pure tank, Atlas is a brawler and Frost is...a special attacker and/or support."

"Right now a tank would be nice but currently I only have is Excalibur so versatility will be better."

"Atlas is also quite versatile with his Rumblers and ramparts but not quite what I'm looking for."

I braced myself and walked straight ahead. As I stood in front of the depiction, it started transforming to ice from top to bottom and then it crumbles into light particles which entered my body. My bones felt like freezing, making me close my eyes and clench my teeth.

After a bit I felt, I felt two sources of warmth on my chest. I opened my eyes and I was back in front of UA. I looked at the floating clothes in front of me and I stood straight.

Aster: Toru?

She let out a sigh of relief.

Toru: Are you feeling alright Aster? I saw you step towards the school and then you froze. Good thing I was here or else you would have fallen face first.

"So the two sources of warmth were her hands keeping me from falling."

Aster: I'm sorry Toru, it's nothing, I just spaced out. So...good morning!

Toru: Good morning to you too Aster!

Aster: Since we're here, should we wait for Kyoka?

But then I heard her from behind me.

Kyoka: That's sweet of you but I'm already here. Good morning guys!

Aster & Toru: Good morning!

After the greetings and some smalltalk we entered the school and got shown to the classes for the written exams. I answered whatever I could and for the rest I winged it.

When everyone finished we went to a huge amphitheatre and took our seats. They were arranged based on which school each one came from. Me being from another world and a school that doesn't really exist, ended up on the far back corner. Finding my position favourable and my seat comfortable I fell asleep in the middle of the speech since I already knew what he'll say. Even with Present Mic, being the loud guy that he is, my sleep was undisturbed.

I felt a light shaking and woke up. Toru and Kyoka were next to me trying to wake me up.

Toru: Come on sleepy head, we have to go change for the practical exam.

"I kinda like being woken up by a girl"

Aster: Hey! Thanks but you can go ahead, I don't need to change clothes.

Toru: Ehm alright we'll go ahead. I wish you good luck in case we are on different fields and I don't see you.

Aster: Thanks! Good luck to you too and be careful not to get hurt!

I said while I softly patted her head.

Aster: And good luck to you Kyoka!

Kyoka: Thanks! Now let's go, we're going to be late!

She said as she dragged Toru away. As for me, I leisurely stretched and went to the bus that will transfer me to the exam field.

Aster: Hell, It's about time!

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