21 Chapter 21

I opened my eyes and was saw a somewhat familiar ceiling.

Aster: Ugh where am I?

I got up and looked around.

"This is...the guestroom at Toru's house!"

"Aster: Ordis, why am I here?"

Ordis: It's good that you woke up Operator. It seems that you passed out because you exhausted your energy. That human girl that you're so fond of, was very worried about you. She informed the medics that you lived alone and since you just needed rest, they brought you here.

Hearing that I felt happy.

"I must thanks her! and maybe do something more..."

Aster: Hehehe

I got up and noticed that I was wearing pajamas and even my underwear was different.

Aster: Wh-who changed me?

The door opened as a said that.


Aurelia: You're awake. How are you feeling?

"I guess not"

Aster: I'm feeling fine, thank you!

Aurelia: About your question, I changed you since you kept sweating.

Hearing that, my hands instinctively moved to cover my...you know.

She chuckled in a way that made my heart beat.

"I knew it, older women are dangerous."

Aurelia: Ufufu there's no reason to be guarded, I've already seen what was to be seen when I cleaned and changed you.

I felt my face burning and I wanted to find a place to hide.

Aurelia: If only I was a few years younger ufufu! But now that you're awake, you don't need me. The water is ready, go and take a bath, then come down to eat something to replenish your strength.

Aster: I...I...I'll go right ahead!

I said and stormed out the room. I quickly entered the bathroom to hide my embarrassment and heard running water. I undressed and went to the bath. I moved the curtain aside to enter.

Toru: Kya!

Aster: T-T-Toru?!

My mind broke down.

Toru: Aster? You woke up!!

She exclaimed and hugged me. I felt her wet and soapy body slide on my skin and her firm breasts softly tickling my chest.

Aster: Toru! W-we're in a really dangerous situation here!

I said urgently as I felt my little brother waking up.

Aster: We're both naked!

Toru: Ah I'm sorry!

She stopped hugging me and took a step back allowing me to cover myself.

Toru: I didn't- I'm so happy th-that I didn't realize...you're...naked.

She sounded embarrassed and I could see from the water outlining her body that she turned around.

"I guess that's what happens when she's basically naked all the time in her hero 'suit'"

I got out of there but not before I got a quick look at her fine silhouette.

After she finished and I also took a bath, we sat down at the kitchen table. It was really awkward for Toru and me.

The feeling of her body and the image of her outline kept flashing in my mind and I constantly had a blush on my face.

In the end we didn't speak about the bath incident. After we ate, Toru informed me that we had this day off from school because of what happened with the villains.

Hearing that, I begun to wandering how to spend the day when Toru gave me the solution.

Toru: Hey Aster, how about we watch an anime on my laptop? It's not a strenuous activity so you'll get to rest. Plus it's entertaining.

Aster: Oh, you have something in mind?

"An anime in an anime world. Talk about animeception."

Toru: There is one that's about some noble race of aliens called Deuteross that fight to reclaim their home world from another monstrous species.

"For some reason it sound familiar."

Aster: I didn't expect that you would like something like this.

Toru: Of course, the Deuteross are cery inspiring and their leader also gave a very cool speech in the trailer.

She said with her usual enthusiasm.

Aster: Hmm...sure, why not? Let's watch it!

We went to her room which still makes me a bit nervous. We sat on the bed, leaning on the wall with pillows on our backs, next to each other. The anime started with a narration.

Narrator: The Flood brought ruin to our world. Our proud people, became refugees...

It was very interesting. We were easily hooked up and kept watching episode after episode. At some point, I don't know how, Toru ended up sitting between my legs with her back leaning against my chest while my arms were around her slim waist. For some reason, it felt natural to sit hugging her like that.

It was really comfortable and at some point I dozed off.

Opening my eyes, my vision was blurry and unfocused. It took me a few seconds to get a clear picture. I was inside what looked like an old Greek monument surrounded by white pillars.

I looked down and noticed three rectangular engraving on the ground, with me in the middle.

"It's about time! Let's see what we have for the third one."

I crouched down to inspect them. The first one depicted a raging sea. In the middle, a savage-looking creature that resembled a kraken was looking at me. Its huge eyes felt like they stared right through me.

"It feels creepy with it looking at me like that."

I moved on to the next engraving. It depicted a sea of fire and at its center, a majestic western dragon was wrecking havoc. It exuded an overbearing and primal aura that made me unable to look at it for too long.

I was about to move to the final engraving when the fire depiction lit up. There was a slight tremor and the engraving exploded, making me take a few steps back.

When the dust settled, a figure was standing there. It was tall, with black leathery-like armour covering it. It had dark purple inner armour. All over it's body were silver metallic attachments that were similar to Excalibur's and Frost's and completed the look. On its feet, there were talons from the same material as the attachments. It also had a silver metallic visor with neon blue lights coming out of where its eyes should be.

The figure was Chroma and it walked towards me. I wanted to step back but the overbearing feeling from before was much stronger now and it was focused at me.

Aster: What do you want? I haven't chosen yet! Stop!

It didn't stop. Step after step it approached. My heart beat stronger with every step Chroma took. It came in front of me and grabbed by my throat. I felt defenceless as I was effortlessly raised in the air. For some reason I didn't choke but that was the least of my concerns.

It brought me to its face and its eyes focused on mine. Suddenly, it opened its big mouth. The last thing I saw, was its throat lighting up before fire was unleashed to my face from point blank and I passed out.

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