10 Chapter 10

I slowly open my eyes groaning as the sun was hitting my face.

Aster: Ugh Ordis, what time is it?

Ordis: It's almost 10:30 Operator!

Aster: What? How come you didn't wake me up? Not that I'm complaining.

Ordis: You needed some rest after yesterday's beati- training.

My eye twitched.

Aster: Ordis, run a diagnostics test, something's clearly wrong with you.

Ordis somehow lets out a gasp.

Ordis: Operator that's hurtful...

I stopped paying attention to Ordis and got up to prepare some breakfast. To my horror, the fridge was empty.

Ordis: Operator, you said you'd go for groceries yesterday but it seems you forgot.

Feeling my stomach growling showed that there was only one course of action. Resupply! Good thing there's a grocery store close by.

After a few minutes of walking I reached it and entered while wondering about what I should get. Inside I saw a familiar thin figure and I spoke without thinking.

Aster: Ah, it's All Might.

He tensed and lock eyes with me.

"OH SHIT! Did I say that out loud?"

Then the people that were close to me got excited.

Random people: All Might? Where? Where is he?

I squeezed my brain and I managed to spit out a few words.

Aster: He- He was outside and went that way.

All of them went to the windows to look for him.

"To think that these people see heroes everyday but they still get this excited with All Might"

He and I sighed. He went outside while I worried ceaselessly as I shopped for what was needed.

"What should I do? What will he do, now that he knows that I know? I mean, he's All Might right? The symbol of justice won't do anything to a kid, right? But how do I explain to him how I know about his identity?"

Ordis: Operator calm down! You're hyperventilating.

Realizing what Ordis said, I took a deep breath.

"You're right Ordis, Thank you!"

Ordis: It's my pleasure Operator!

I quickly paid for my things and went out. All Might was sitting on a bench a few meters away from the entrance drinking orange juice from a can.

I was worried but I approached him. And it looks like my thoughts were plastered across my face.

All Might: Don't worry shounen, it's not like a want to hurt you.

He actually smiled.

All Might: I just want want to know how you learned who I am.

"Here goes nothing"

Aster: I...I saw you one day as you landed on a roof with a green-haired boy...

I lied

All Might: But that was months ago!

He seemed surprised.

All Might: Well it's a good thing that you didn't tell anyone.

Aster: It was not my secret to tell mr All Might. Besides, if no one knows then there must be a reason for it. Probably so that the people wouldn't lose hope...

I said as I lowered my head.

"I feel terrible lying to him but...this white lie shouldn't hurt that much."

All Might: Hahahahaha! You're a good kid!

He laughed really hard untill he chocked on some blood that he wiped from his mouth like nothing happened.

All Might: What is your name shounen?

Aster: Aster, Aster Phoenix sir.

All Might: Aster Phoenix? Why does is sound familiar...Ah! You took part in the UA's exam right? The kid with the transformation!

Aster: That's right, that's me!

All Might: That oldschool Kamen Rider type of transformation! I approve Aster-shounen! Very cool indeed!

Aster & Ordis: " Did he just compare the super cool, badass warframes with...Kamen Rider?"

Aster: I-It's not exactly like that...

All Might: Hahahaha relax I'm just messing with you. You know, there won't be a problem if you learn about it one day early so, congratulations! You passed the entrance exams of UA.

He said and he put a hand on my shoulder.

Aster: Really? That's awesome! Thank you! But how do you know all that?

I had to feign ignorance since him being a teacher at the UA was not public knowledge yet.

All Might: That will spoil the surprise! Anyway, I have to go to an appointment now. Goodbye Aster-shounen!

He took off after saying that.

Aster: That was interesting...So, Ordis, did we get everything we need?

Ordis: Affirmative Operator!

I started walking home but after I turn to a corner someone approached me. He showed a greedy smile as he pulled out a knife.

Aster: Really now? Ok I have two questions. First, what's with this place where thugs do whatever they like even in the middle of the day? And secondly, of all the people you could have chosen, you picked me?

I asked him in genuine surprise.

Thug: Yeah kid, I picked you! Now hand over your wallet and maybe you'll get to keep that handsome face of yours.

He demanded confidently.

"This will be fun"

Aster: You want the groceries too? It's a shame to leave them.

Thug: On second thought yeah, give me the groceries too!

Aster: If you want I can also help you to carry them back.

"Oh I love moments like this!"

Thug: Are you mocking me kid?

I transformed to Excalibur and took a step towards him.

Aster: I am, what are you gonna do about it?

I said as my deep voice increased my intimidation factor.

He was surprised as he saw me and stumbled backwards. He hurled the knife at me and took off running!

I dodged it, picked it up and started running after him. Didn't take long to reach him and with a quick manoeuvre I stood in front of him.

Aster: You know, it's not knife to throw things at people! Ne-

Before I could even finish my sentence a shout was heard.

???: Freeze! Put your hands in the air!

A police woman said.

Aster: Ooo knife timing!

Police Woman: You too ninja-guy!

Aster: What?

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