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What is Heroes of Valor

Read Heroes of Valor novel written by the author Arc_Valkyria on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering romance, reincarnation, system, magic, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


-- Heroes of Valor -- Is a new generation of third-person view MMORPG in the year 2051 and our protagonist was reincarnated into the game – “A World that everything else is no longer an NPC but the game itself supports life.” ----- ----- ----- Once a "PLAYER" becomes a "HERO". ----- ----- ----- Hiruko Okami a gamer of the "Heroes of Valor" a high-level assassin class on that game, an average type guy with some talents he doesn't recognize anymore and being treated badly by his friends and family in his high school. Years had passed on the incident, he started over again, work and live his life and supposedly enjoys his time playing his game of Heroes of Valor unlikely to others during New Year's Eve, we celebrated with our family and friends. Still, our protagonist has come upon a situation that causes him to be reincarnated to a Game World but that world is no longer a game, his reality. Alongside him for being reincarnated on that world is... his health and mana bar and some system-related menus or programs. What will you do if you were summoned into another world–no, a game that you played for many years becomes your New "Home" World. [The Picture/Image is not mine. Credit to the owner/creator]


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Shameless review of the Author here!! Giving 5 stars to my novel. Pls give it a chance and read it before shifting to other novels. The 1st few chaps are lame start or maybe good already but the main story still didn't start.. Pls give it a try :D


A great read. Intense beginning and a compelling world background with intriguing characters which all put together, pulls the novel together and makes is very much interesting. With action so well described it’s vivid.


Good novel!


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Such a good novel to read and the story in the beginning had a very good good start. The writing is good also I hope you keep it up and improve. Plus, try to update your novel chapters every day, even 1 chaps/day 😉


Overall this story is a great beginning! The characters and world are engaging and interesting despite being a litte derivative but also that comes with the territory. Needless to say I enjoyed my time reading very much and look forward to where this goes. I would suggest just proofreading or getting someone else to proofread for grammatical errors such as the lack of “s” on some words and changes in tense.


The start is nicely written, it explain the feelings really beautifully. The novel it self is written really good. The world background is good. I had a fun time reading this. When I read this I feel like reading something that will blow up in the future! Nice work author!


Not bad so far. It shares the same qualities as any normal Video Game book but the author has a nice way of using their words to make it more enticing. Synopsis: Neatly done and well organized. Clearly tells you what the story is about and the grammar is on point. Story Development: At parts, I found myself zoning out but as soon as I started drifting, there's something else to pull back on my attention. The book definitely has potential. Character Design: Not much said but that's okay. Some readers rather to imagine how their characters look rather than have it described for them. It's a matter of preference. Writing Quality: Far from bad. Pretty decent grammar but there were a few sentences and phrases that seemed a little off. It was hard for me to understand what the author was trying to say but those instances are few. Still a great job. Overall, not bad author. Keep up the good work! I wish you the best!


The beginning is pretty good, A very well written novel. Has a great pacing, the complexity of the world background all are amazing. Enjoyable reading. This is one of those books you don't want to miss. Keep it up.


What I found!!!! A gem Always been a fan of system based novels and now found another amazing one. Everything about the novel so far is PERFECT. The synopsis is captivating, the descriptions, writing style, characters and most importantly the plot. I loved how the story begins and am curious to know further. A must read the novel! Added into my library 😄


Here are my honest thoughts about this novel based on what I read so far and I am sorry if it's offending you: World Background: The world building in this one is fine and it described quite well. However there is a major drawback which is the world sometimes contains a lot of infodumps especially with the system itself or a lot's of explanation. The easiest way to avoid is using more showing more about the world, the environment, and the situation to make it more engaging. Character: As for the MC Hiroku, so far he is just okay and I do like the part of him saving the little girls. However, the direction for his character is not quite clear yet when he transmigrated to the new world. Therefore, I believe the author should focus and adding more depth with Hiroku to make him more interesting and standout than the other isekai type story. Overall, it is a nice Isekai novel and keep up the good work!! Good Luck!!


A short preface: the story is still at a short 6 chapters, so nothing in this review presents a conclusive view to the future of the novel, and as the author's first work, many of the criticisms towards it are not exclusive to this novel, but near-universal to any writer's first endeavor. Now, here's my review: The writing quality is a bit irregular at times, ranging from very good to legible, though the presence of some mistakes breaks immersion and doesn't provide justice to the novel(I recommend using Grammarly). There are too few chapters to currently judge updating stability. The story seems to be off to a nice start, and the subgenre itself(MMO/LitRPG) is a genre I quite like, personally. As for character development and world background, it's still a bit early to provide any conclusive criticism, but they both seem to be promising, and with a bit of work and experience, can be chiseled into a good work of fiction. Good luck.


Great story. The world-building is nice and beautiful. The story is mid paced. Not too fast not too slow. Grammar is good. Looking forward to upcoming chapters ❤️


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