Heroes- A Highschool DxD Fanfction Book

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Heroes- A Highschool DxD Fanfction


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Issei Hyoudou is a young boy who happens to celebrate his fifth birthday. little did he knew that the fate had different turns planned for him and his hometown. Due to people who still haven't revel themselves yet, have brought catastrophe in the peaceful residence of Kuho. In all this commotion, little Issei losts his parents and to put cherry on the top...he is trapped in Dante's Inferno. However, little did the world knew...the innocent, little, childish and playful kid, Issei Hyoudou- died. The one who replaced him, was hate and carnage and thirst for revenge. The kid- was replaced by a monster... However...will he stay one? or will he change? after all the path he will choose, will make me either a "monster" or a "hero"...


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