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What is Hero Scout

Hero Scout is a popular web novel written by the author Willsimulated, covering SYSTEM, REINCARNATION, MAGIC, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, FANTASY, GAME, MALE-PROTAGONIST, ACTION, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 324.3K readers with an average rating of 4.88/5 and 39 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 125 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Kenji the quick-witted gamer is sent to a fantasy world and quickly finds himself embroiled in various plots, schemes and difficult situations. Attaining the gift of being born as a Forbidden Mimic, he can replicate the bodies, powers, memories and spells of others. Yet there are 17 other evil souls given powerful starting abilities, and the denizens of his new world are no joke either!


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For those who enjoy fantasy,game-like or other world genres I seriously recommend this. The characters are all pretty interesting and have there own charismatic personalities. Hope to read more of your work.


Fufu, so my friend reccomended this to me after she couldn't stop laughing! I asked what was so funny, and she started reading some of Kenji's lines and we giggled like crazy. I'm very new to how web novels work, but if this is anything to go by then i'm all in! Oh, and I am first to STAN Kenji and weird space lady, I'm calling it now :3


Bodies hitting the floor! Trickery! Shamelessness! I very much enjoy your novel, Author! Like many other stories, the beginning is rougher as it explains some backstory, but it does a great job at showing the MC's personality. I enjoy your violent descriptions and your word-crafting (and grammar) rates full marks from me! (Sometimes, your spelling is a bit off. Maybe go for some proofreading tools?) Anyroad, the silliness and shamelessness of Kenji is markedly effective, clever, and reliable. I look forward to seeing him take advantage of whatever poor fools he comes across. Keep it up, Author!


Sometimes you can be in the wrong place in a bad moment but the protagonist took that to the other level. I will read this novel and I recommend you to give a try ;)


Really loved reading this story, can't wait for more. It's original and I love the little references to pop-culture that crop up in the best places! I seriously recommend this for anyone who enjoys fantasy,game-like or other world genres. I'm going to enjoy reading how the main character develops.


I like the concepts conveyed in this story. Also, I find Keni to be fleshed out well with a humorous personality. He's a quick thinker and he makes me laugh. The world is carefully built up and shown throughout the chapters. In my opinion, you've done a great job.


I love reading but this is the first time I have read this kind of genre. Being a writer, this is well arranged,well describe, and well narrated. While being a reader, I love Kenji!, humour and all. SwapReview


It is Queenie, kyaa! So I only just finished all the chapters, but this is a really exciting story! Lots of original twists, funny references, cute wolf girl and is already one of my favourites! :3 Highly HIGHLY reccomended~


I read this novel and absolutely fell in love with Kenji. His personality is something that is charming and enough to get me hooked into the novel and start waiting for more. The concept of the novel is also pretty good. The synopsis alone was enough to get me to read this novel. I believe this novel has potential and right not its like a rough diamond, but a diamond nonetheless. The author can further improve himself by polishing a few of those points and I'd suggest that the author needs not to release so many chapters daily. I think its time for the author to start releasing 1 chapter per day or two days. I don't want something this good to be stopped because the author burned himself (Something quite common) and also so that the author can polish and refine this great novel.


Action. Adventure. Friendship. Love. Comedy. Reading Hero Scout distracts me from the cary grey of my life, only within these pages to I feel like I can see colour again, and that I can breathe. If you know any works like this, please reply with them! I'm certainly looking to expand my reading list alot more!


Interesting story, keep up the good work!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


This is an intriguing premise! It is not every day that you see something new and exciting thanks to the market being overrun with the same bland idea. I can't wait to see where the author takes this story!


I liked the way in which the plot has been established. Transporting 18 humans from Earth (17 of which were internationally acclaimed criminals) to a fantasy word to sew chaos. Character growth: not much to comment at this point since there's barely 10 chapters to work on. Not much has been dug into the characters. Powerscale: like I said before, with the limited number of chapters, there's not much to base it. But, I liked how the author introduced beings that are beyond God who have their own tasks to do ( and how they are siblings). Another fact I liked here was how these beings weren't portrayed to be omnipotent. They have their shortcomings. Grammar: editing is required. Tenses are all over the place. But I could still understand the story. Action: honestly this is one part that I would advise the author to improve in the short term. The way in which the fight scenes are worded left a lot to be desired. I suggest the author to have a mental reference in his mind as he writes them. Also, during fights, let the focus be on one place ( all wuxia stories employ this method. You can refer to one of them. I suggest 'immortal mortal', it has certain elements in it that might help you) Story: fantastic. It has a fresh feel to it. The mc has a definite objective to strive for since chapter 1 Conclusion: A good read. Definitely one that you can enjoy


Heya! So here's what I have to say: Writing Quality 4/5 - It was really good with very, very few mistakes, however the narrative and descriptions could use a bit polishing. I'm not saying I'm the best at vivid writing, but I can see some unpolished parts (maybe because you're mass releasing chapters?) Stability of Updates 5/5 - A very endearing part of any novel, although sacrificing quality over quantity is not very good. Just balance yourself and have some rest once in a while. Story Development 5/5 - I like the direction of the story. Mamy things catch me off guard, and it's a very nice take on the isekai genre. Character Design 5/5 - Kenji is a solid character. I can see how his thoughts and choices relate to his personality. World Background 4/5 - I'm still at around chapter 4, hopefully finishing the rest after, yet I can say that the world is kinda good with all that weird naked woman and her kin being so mysterious. But after that, all I can see are the generic goblins and demons, although I think the later chapters might add some new elements into the mix. Overall, I can see you reaching the top with Hero Scout. I mean, seeing all these bad stories up on top really gets on me, and why stories like yours are still at rock bottom. Hopefully that'll change, so let's pass the barrier together yeah?


Its a really good story with a original plot broadly speaking, especially for the transported to another world Genre. The characters are all pretty interesting an have there own distinguishable features as well. I absolutely LOVE the comedy in this story compared to others, even if it is a little bit dark sometimes its not crude like some other stories, very high quality.


This review was written for a review swap, so if that's a factor to the reader, please consider it. If we remove nature from nurture, are the memories that are left still capable of influencing us? That's what I'm left wondering after reading Hero Scout. It's a commendable effort, at times confusing, but that doesn't necessarily detract from the earnest charm of its main character. I found it readable, functionally similar to Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (I'd be surprised if it wasn't inspired by it), and actually a thousand times more legible than that light novel, but I digress. Can we accept the memories of others and, if that doesn't debilitate us, can we even decode them? Are they like dreams, or visions, or just raw feelings? I'll come back to this in a moment. Hero Scout, apart from its rather original scheme, is very par for the course in specific plot points. There's a goddess who's snarky! A hero/antihero who's... also snarky! He both doesn't and does have a spine, which sort of fits with his being an amorphous slime, I suppose. There are villains who crumble from a single face slap, overpowered abilities passed off as weaknesses, and classic isekai hijinks, which I will say I enjoy. I like those things. But among all of the chaff, all of the distractions, is singular--almost throwaway--minutiae to the hero's slime-like powers. Not merely the ability to take something's form, but to apparently take all their memories in the bargain! It catches me, not because I worry about plot holes and contrivances, but because the hero doesn't seem bothered by this at all. So, who are we? As people, I mean. There's a great debate between nature vs nurture, how much of our character is endowed in us by our parents, and how much of it we learn from our experiences. Even if you separate the nature, the nurture can be extraordinarily powerful. Personally, I can speak to instances of nurture, like reading a very compelling story, having shattered me emotionally. What we experience, and how it touches us, can have profound effects on who we are. And Kenji is able to, suddenly, consume that in a very direct way. I imagine it's not quite like watching a movie, it must be much more instantaneous--confusing--and strange. Would any of us really be able to process memories in the way their original bearer held them? And if we couldn't, what would they look like? An abstract painting? An emotionless dance? If we could, understand those memories, I find it highly unlikely that Kenji wouldn't feel a terrible impact. That nurture colliding with his own weasely nature. For example, the experiences that made a knight into a hero? He doesn't seem to really reflect on them as he uses the knight's skills for tricks. Part of that might be his character, part of that might be the slapstick comedy, but I feel like it taps a serious--very interesting--complication without due pause. I think Hero Scout is very interesting, derivative in some respects, but original where it counts. It has good ideas at its core, though a little flippant with the real philosophy. I enjoyed it despite the miss steps and came out of it wondering where the author will take it. Is this a 'kenji sucks up all the hero candidates memories and becomes a super hero' story? I don't know, too early to say. I do think the author has interesting choices and a fairly open-ended plot. If those kernels of good ideas could be elevated, then this could really be something great.


I've only read so much of this story, but am already in love. I'm thankful there are so many chapters to go, because I feel I could continue reading this writing forever. I plan to pace myself however, because I dread that hollow feeling you get when you find no more chapters available until the next day :( 11/10


This is a beautifully woven tapesty of light and dark. Action is matched with adventured, paired with a dash of magic and a hint of love. The author expertly pulls together all these different elements with a nice comedic bow provided by the best MC i've read in years. I came for the description, and stayed for the excellently written story.


So I don't read much of this style of story, so I didn't read too many chapters. But from what I have read, this story is very original. The character is strongly introduced in the first chapter and I like the smooth sentences and character descriptions added within. If your after a good orginal with strong writing, I reccomend this!


I love this series. The author has done a great job in every department and has made me like every chapter of it. Also, Kenji is a great. Keep it up, sir!


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