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Hero of Tomorrow


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Read Hero of Tomorrow novel written by the author DonkaRonk on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering romance, action, r18, academy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In ancient history there were being that could move stone with their minds and form great pyramids. Split the sea to create pathways to a better life. Create weapons that transcend the laws physics. Men that have been worshipped as gods. Women who brought hope to people. What would you do if you knew these were physical beings? All the same level of human as you and I. They were just... Evolved. They have adapted and changed to ensure their survival. Human genetics has designed us in a way to mate and continue our species. Thus handing off these incredible abilities. Giving birth to new living legends. Some with strength like no other, lifting massive pillars of stone with his bare hands. knowledge that made the smartest feel incompetent. This happened year after century after millennium. All the way till those seen as gods were just regular everyday people. The mighty and the gifted all seen in the same light. No being that walked the planet was without one of these incredible abilities. But with this power there were those who could see profit in useing it for selfish means. plundering all in sight. Giving birth to a new title... Villan. And to combat this new age of evil a group emerged, those with righteous intentions. Those ready to fight for good, Heros in all sense of the word. Welcome to world I was created on. Were caped crusaders and masked madmen fight on a daily basis at an attempt to gain the upper hand over the other. My name is Evolution, I was created by the very evil this world hopes to rid itself of. Follow me as I change this corrupt and evil world into one of hope and happiness. (This is a Off brand version Of MHA, so if you see things that sound familiar its because they are. the only thing here I own is the plot.)


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