477 Two Seniors

As the massive bodies of the gigantic mythical rank wolves lay on the black and charred battlefield, Kahn stood in between their bodies and looked at the two brothers who were having their final breaths. 

But instead of showing hostility, Skoll and Hati thanked Kahn out of the blue. 

"I should be thanking you instead. You were going easy on us from the beginning. If we didn't have this second chance… it would've been impossible for us to defeat you." said Kahn with a hint of gratitude in his voice. 

Because he noticed that both of them hadn't even used their innate skills or bloodline abilities in both battles. Rather, they fought with the bare minimum of their skills. 

No way in hell the two mythical rank monsters would be so easy to take down even with his well-thought strategy if they had gone all out. 

It was as if they were doing what the seals on their heads forced them to do while only using enough skills and force to repel Kahn's generals. 

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