5 February 2020




A Hero is Born.

Heroes who are heroes, Are they invincible God or mortal soldier who risk there life's to help normal people.

For me they are desire of a normal person, they are hope for those in need, they are extension of light which vanquish the darkness for everyone, but why we desire to be superhuman is because we knew how weak we are. If a person knew his weakness then why they desire power is still a mystery I wish to unveil in the future.

" Huhhh, interesting human what kind of suicide note is this." A man who looked bright as sun laughed as he looked at the letter while he put it down and extended his hand while patting a boy who was looking at the body of himself.

" Well I didn't knew why I wrote this, but I knew these were words I wished to convey to a certain person." Boy spoke as he look at the messed up books and room while sighing to say his last good bye to this room who had served him for years.

" Okay let's go then."

Soon both figure vanished from the room and soon a police officer came inside picking up the note and examine the body of a boy whose neck was blue while foam were coming out of his mouth.

" Are you regretting it know." God Leo asked as he looked at the boy for a response, " no I am not, as for why because I never felt like living in that world." Boy responded as he looked at the sky where he was flying toward.

" Hmm, then if I ask you to go to another world where I will reincarnate you for a job, will you accept it as my chosen hero while you can become something you had admire the most and I will gain a new hero on whom I can count on."

" Eh, but I don't have anything special to begin with then how can I become hero, while what with reincarnation doesn't people memories are erased and sent to after life or something."

" No, you can keep your memories and will be sent inside a grown up body to start a new life because that world come under my jurisdiction and I want them to have a hope in the form of you, while about special ability I can provide you Sss class blessing, which is quite great you know."



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Aston Fluster.


' Wow, what a feeling so warm.' Aston moan out while he felt his body becoming light as feather as he drifted with the wind as he opened his eyes and saw a room where dust, junk, can, filthy clothes were thrown and soon all his previous memories of body came inside like a torrent which had some hazy part among them.

' I guess that's who I am right now.'

After he collected all his clothes and all the cleaned all the junk and papers around the room, after which he got up and took a bath because he was sweating profusely which made him stink, Inside bathroom he was astonished to see the soap bar was untouched while shampoo was still a new and realize he never used them to bath as he only dip himself in water while taking bath once in a week.

Taking a bath he realized that he looked a lot cleaner than before while he looked at the mirror, after which he sweep his room clean as he collected all porn magazine, game while cleaned his study table and put all the school book in an order.

Looking at dust bin full of tissue paper he packed it inside a poly bag to throw them out as he walked out of his apartment, He lived in an apartment meant for students who came in this state for study and was provided by a kind lady Haruna Amami, beauty landlord whose smile could melt a cold heart, but due to previous owner act she act wryly around him which made other boys residents hate him to the point, he was alive because Landlord spoke out for him.

Walking quietly he saw Landlord welcoming a boy in his teen for breakfast while she look at coming figure of Aston which made her clutch her hand a little, but she still put up a smile on the other hand boy suddenly made a defensive pose while he glare at him.

Smiling wryly(😅😅😅) inside his mind, Aston greeted politely " Good morning, miss landlord as he didn't even made an eye contact while continuing walking out causing both landlord and teenage boy to surprise.

Walking out he throw all the bags as he hold other bag which contains all the trash magazine and game while he walked toward 2nd seller shop to resell them for money because he was broken and there was no money till coming two week when his parents will sent him some.

The shopkeeper looked at him with a hint of sarcasm and astonishment as if he remembered original owner ( sarcasm here was for previous owner popularity, while Astonishment because he saw all the collection he bought from him coming back which he never thought will be sent back to him.)

After which he collected 500 Tear note and few 20 to 30 Tear coins for his revenue, which was total of 590 Tear ( Tear is the currency, :While 1 Tear equal one dollar:.)

Leaving peacefully he saw 3 girl entering the same hotel where he lived while they happened to see him which made there smiling face to show expression of anger with disgust presence in there eyes.

/ Three girls are Rio Grande, Alice Fluster and Aria Amami who are famous for there beauties and friendship.

Rio Grande : Grande family only heir and successor, this family had huge business which is pass from family empress to female successor.

Alice Fluster : Aston sister which he used to love dearly in the past.

Aria Amami : Land lady precious daughter, who hated Aston for his action but also sympathize with him too. /

Walking away without any misgivings because he knew there was no helping in that as his ancestors deserved it and so he had to carry this burden as his successor.

Walking on his bed he lied down due to fatigue while he marvel at his own weak body while he thought ' how weak was this fatty.'

Chapter section ( the part Aston didn't heard)


Scenario 1

After Aston walked away

[chat of Landlady and Teen-ager.]

What was that, did he…..' thought Landlady as see the receding figure of a boy, while other guy on the side could only exclaim ' huh ' from the shock which took him by surprise.

" Is he..! Changing or ???" Land lady thought out loud which was interrupted by the other teenager by her side as he called out " Land lord be careful, it might be his trap." Which caught her unguarded as she

" what-t-t ??" Exclaimed.

As she looked at the teenager and nodded in response, which she thought was quite embarrassing, as she heard enthusiastic voice of teenager continuing " He is definitely, faking it up to make you drop your guard up, miss landlord."

" Hmm, alright now go and have your breakfast." She could only change the subject because she didn't wish to criticize any of them.

Scenario 2nd

at the shop resale

[ Shopkeeper thought.]

'What's with him today.' as he look at the boy who was pushing a huge bag full of magazine, ' oh, it seem he is throwing away his façade he has been putting on. '

' Done with your façade huh. ' as he smiled watching the boy with orange hair and smiled sarcastically and saw boy revealing a interesting smile a if he had seen through his thoughts.

Soon Sarcasm Turned Into Astonishment.

Finally the show has begun, the real show of Aston Fluster the boy who once shocked me by his thinking capabilities.


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