1 Chapter 1 : We Meet Again, Old Man

In the heart of Coastal City. Inside of the room in a three story apartment, a boy with a black long hair with a lazy but his eyes concentrated on the computer, playing video game. His face is so close to the monitor, literally in front of the screen. The sound coming from the computer is very loud that the neighbor next door might probably hear it.

Minutes pass. The game end, you can hear a resounding victory sound in the room. "It's been a week since I came to this world." said by the boy who have a relax expression. With a satisfied smile, he got up and dive to his bed. "Well I already rest for a week, what should I do now?" while thinking to himself.

[What about taking a bath, Arc?] a voice speak in his head replied to him.

"Oh right, my little system your still there, I'll take a bath fist then will talk." Arc said while already half naked going in the bathroom.



After 10 minutes of cleaning himself in the bathroom, his nice appearance now truly shown not like 10 minutes ago. His silky black hair with small pony tail tied neatly and with the water slowly dripping down to his abs with his slim appearance. Everybody could agree that his face is handsome with a mature touch on his appearance.

"Okay I'm done now, we can talk. So, why do I have a system again?" Arc ask.

[Remember? I'm your reward from the Creator.]

"Huh?! I thought I already ask that old man my reward at that time?".

[Your reward for a healthy body that doesn't get sick from any kind of virus, doesn't get tired, physically healthy and other good physical traits are very simple reward for your achievements, OKAY!!!] the system says like it's a big deal.

[Ha... and please don't call the Creator an old man, he'll be angry for you to talk about his age] system couldn't help but sigh. [Plus I'm here because of you, okay?]

"Why!?" not putting to mind what system said about Creator, Arc was surprised.

[Don't you remember why you were summoned in the fist place?] system couldn't help but ask. "I was being punished because of that old man is jealous for what I've done when I'm alive, right? Wait let me try remembering what I did that is punish worthy".

Arc starts recollecting his memory of that time when he was in his own world. He was a sophomore in college at that time. When he was in high school he loves reading web novels and then he have a thought that how about he list all the things that is very important for reincarnation, being summoned, being a cultivator, being a hero in another world, everything he could think about at that time. So he started to making all the list for useful things that can help those people who read this while getting the idea in other novels he read until he got to college.

At fist he didn't want to post it cause it's kind of dumb doing the list but it's already done so he just went with it. Then, well many people saw the post he made and they give comments about it, some say it helps them for creating materials for there stories which is good for him cause he likes reading this kind of things. But other are saying some shit so he stop watching the comments and that's it.

Then he start reading the system kind of genre then he thought to himself why do I make one. While thinking to himself if I have this then maybe I can pass college easily, it well be good. Then he starts making it until his third year college. "For some reason it's like a game system in a video game. Maybe I should put a AI system for it to have thinking ability? That maybe work so I'll just go and add it." while tapping on his computer.

In his last day of college, before his graduation he succeeded in making his own so called 'system' but its not flexible nor very smart. Either way he succeeded into making this. "Even though you didn't help me to graduate, because of you I fuckin study a lot just to finish you. That's why I successfully graduated but still, I created you so let me save you fist, after all you're the first thing I truly putted efforts and commitment not even my ex have does kind of treatment ." he couldn't help to feel little emotional. While saving his work he died.


Falling in the air like falling inside of a well, darkness, it's very dark the only light is where you fall from but this fall is the opposite, in the bottom of the well is the end of the darkness.


The sound of a fallen object can be heard cause it's very loud. Of course it's none other than Arc who have died.

"Ohh!! What the heck is happening? Huh!? It doesn't hurt! How!?" Arc has no idea what's going on. "WHERE THE FUCK AM I?! WAIT!! IS THIS THE AFTER LIFE?! Am I be going to be reincarnated after this?" Arc's brain is already imagining things.

"It's not the after life. Your in my office. But you can consider it one cause you're already dead." a majestic voice suddenly spoke. Arc turns around and trying to find the owner of the voice. "Oi, I'm in front of you" the voice spoke again.

Arc return his gaze in front to see two people walking towards him. The people in front of him is a middle age man with goatee beard with a cloth wrap around his body like a robe. While the other one is like a smart ass person with a glass and with a strict face, but the most noticeable part of him is the wings in his back and a floating halo over his head.

"What do you mean I'm dead? How?! The last thing I was doing is saving my newly created system." Arc asked in confusion. "And who are you both anyway?"

"Well I'm The Creator. I created many things. Even your kind." said the middle age man very proudly. "And I'm his secretary, the angel Lock" Lock said while doing the anime 'pointing the bridge of the eyeglass with his two finger' kind of thing.

"Oh...." with a 'I expected face'.

The Creator with annoyed face "Oi! What's with that expression!".

"So why am I suddenly dead?" Arc feels something fishy about the situation. Something about his death is very weird. It's abrupt, mysterious and worse of all, there is no fucking reason of his demised. Come on, how can someone suddenly die in the middle of saving some file.

"Let me explain. I killed you because I'm jealous of you." said by The Creator with a satisfied smile with the hint of proudness of what he did.


Arc couldn't come up with words to say. He just look at Lock who was beside The Creator who was just sighing because what The Creator said. "What he said is the truth but not quite right. For starter I don't care about his personal vendetta about you but because of his jealousy, Creator search some "dirt on you" for you to be punished. That why your right here right now." Lock explain while pinching the bridge of his nose obviously stressed about the situation.

"Oi call me with respect! It's THE CREATOR!!! Don't forget the 'THE'!" The Creator said while looking at Lock with a pissed face.

"Ok... So what did he find on me?" ignoring Creator by the side, Arc looked at Lock.

"Well it's the list you created in your leisure time in college".

"What's wrong about the list?" Arc couldn't think of a way why his list created this trouble. "For the explanation, allow me to say it to him." Creator suddenly answers.

"First of all the list you made is all about things that you must do and must not do in different situations. It's like safety guidelines for a summoned heroes, a person suddenly have a cheat, a lucky guy went to some other timeline, things like that." Creator then suddenly pause. "And that's where the problem lies. Your world is where the protagonist of the stories you read is being taken. Your world is very special, I created it to be the cradle of many heroes. And every legendary heroes of the many worlds, I put there souls here to reincarnate."

The truth was told by Creator made Arc the things he imagined in the past suddenly became true. In his world there are many stories about someone getting transported on a another world troupe with the power of truck-kun. And one day he ask himself, is this the world where gods take people to go into another world. Now he knows the truth of the matter. The same time he couldn't help think that they were like cattle in a pen for gods to be used.

As if Creator see what he was thinking "Don't worry every people that was send are either given a cheat or a wish before they go".

"Many story have that kind of plots. I don't see someone getting punished for that!". Arc couldn't help but say. This time Lock's the one answered "Because we approve for such thing to happen because not all those in the story are relevant and it will give a idea on being summoned, being a hero, and etc. But of course, except yours. You pick every probable way in every situation and mush them into one list. Like the 'if you don't have any special skill in the magic world, just wait to be killed or go on a journey alone to get your own cheat' or 'if some "friend" of yours introduce you to a stunning beauty, it's probably wants to cuddle you up and ask how did you became strong, in short 'she a hoe' . Something like that."

"Then, if you don't have any question let him go for his punishment Lock".

"Wait! What punishment do I take?" Arc wants to know.

"Hehe, your punishment is to save many worlds or realities". "Until I'm satisfied! HAHAHA" Creator said grinning. "Last question, what vendetta did I have with you?" Arc ask his last question while his consciousness is fading.

"The only thing you will know is that your system is much better than mine. Having many useful functions, tsk. Ok now you know then goodbye Arc. Lock erased his memory about those he read and the anime before you sent him away. And give him the hard quest, the 'reality saving' one not the 'world saving' one. Oh, and give him his own created system for a test run too, let's see if it's better than mine".

"Yes sir Creator" Lock while on work mode.

Then Arc lost consciousness...





Many years pass. Inside of the office of creator.

"Sir Arc already save many worlds in the reality he was in, even the ruler of the reality he was in was praising him very much" Lock reporting to Creator.

"Send him to another reality. Oh lock his memories again".

"Yes sir creator"




Many more years have pass...

"Sir this is the third reality he sav-".

"Just send him to another place. Make him the same as last time" before Lock could even finish Creator already said it without even thinking about it.




"Sir this is the eleventh time Arc save another reality and millions of world". "So what? Just send him to another place like we always do".

"Sir I'm afraid we cannot do that". "Huh? Why?" the sudden turn of events surprised Creator. "Sir, even though his being punished, he undoubtedly save eleven realities and over billions or trillion of worlds. All his quest are completed with flying colors too. And according to the law of merits and punishments and the law of reincarnation, every lifetime of good he will be rewarded; at the first reality in his lifetime his punishment is gone. But saving the eleven reality, he should be heavily rewarded."

"Fine, call him over then".

At last Arc is back inside the office from a very long time of being a hero, saving many worlds and people.

"Lock, give him back his memories" Creator said to Lock.

The eyes of Arc who was in a daze just a moment ago has the look of someone being enlightened. The memories is coming back to him.

"We meet again Arc. Or should I say mister Hero?" Creator was grinning at Arc.

"We meet again, old man" Arc smiled cheekily at Creator.

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