1 Prologue~

The massacred village ;

"Unbeing dead isn't being alive."- E.E Cummings.

There are many in the supernatural realm that never experienced the action or fact of dying or being killed.

Many who do not experience death.

But some do.

The story starts on a fateful and unfortunate Thursday to the scene of a massacred village.

Killing more than a thousand creatures of different supernatural groups, and leaving many orphan children behind.

This never happened before, something so cruel and vicious.

They did not deserve it.

The most happiest, most humane and the only peacemakers who loved every supernatural being equally, this village definitely not deserve it.

Every powerful vampire, each noble demon and the even the first werewolves were now free to fight amongst themselves. The only barrier between wars was not anymore.


Their cold hearts experienced great grief, intense pain and pure, raw, anger.

They no longer wanted to fight amongst themselves, Now, they wanted to fight together.They wanted to fight against those who massacred an entire, innocent village, now they wanted revenge from the traitors of their own kind.

Finally, the forces of the vampires, werewolves and demons were united. Because however cold it may be, they still have a heart.

The chase begins. But the most important task is to just see who the traitors are, friends or foes? Follow the mystery of the massacred village from the eyes of various personalities. A story of revenge, peace, betrayal and love.

This book is the first one in the series featuring Serena and the demon king, Archard.


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