Her wicked demon. Book

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Her wicked demon.


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''Mork'' meaning 'dark' is a mystery land where all the inhabitants are consumed by darkness. A place where exists vampires, werewolves and demons alike. No, not in harmony, never in harmony. When Archard the demon king and the most powerful being in the supernatural realm, visits the mortal realm in search of his biggest rival and asset, he never expected to find his mate, Serena Hyde. ~•~•~•~•~ "You should know you are the only for me right?" I asked him for the upteenth time. "I do, I just get jealous easily.I can't lose you, ever." I take his hands into mine, peppering them with kisses. "I am not going anywhere. You always protect me Archard." I smile. ~•○●○•~ 'Yeah, except when I am being the one you need protection from.' His mind screamed.