1 Curse you to rot with genital dieases

My doorbell buzzes nonstop. I rub my eyes and climb off the bed. Why did I even buy that doorbell for my apartment? I know I don't need it. I ignore the doorbell like always and go back to bed.

But the doorbell doesn't stop ringing. Ugh! It is irritating. Who could it be? I make all my payments online. Nothing is due, and I don't like people visiting my house. 

It still doesn't stop ringing! Nobody likes to listen to constant annoying loud noises as the first thing they hear in the morning. I finally walk to my door. But I don't want to open it. I kick my door instead and yell, "WHO IS IT?!"

"Open the door, Rie." The voice is familiar. 

"This is your aunt."

"Go away."

"Rie, open the door it's important."

"I do not have any energy to deal with you."

"Rie, it's about your mother." My aunt sounded like she had been crying. "She died in an accident."


I am stumped.

But, that's not reason enough for me to open the door. Is it?

She wins in the end.


I don't recognise anyone else other than my aunt. Everyone is dressed in formal black clothes. I feel the need to get out of this place and go back home. The comfort of my home is heavenly compared to this. I guess a funeral isn't supposed to be comfortable.

My biological mother is smiling in her picture. She looks the same as I remember her despite the years that have passed. I wonder how much she has spent to keep that youthful look. It feels so strange to see her picture after eighteen years at her funeral.

Why did I come? My aunt didn't stop ringing the cell until I opened the door and that's the only reason why I let drag me into this funeral.

"You should pay respect to your stepfather." My aunt whispered to me.

"Must I?" I raise my brow.

"Once you are done, you can leave."

"I guess we have to keep appearances." I roll my eyes at that.

"If the reporters didn't find out about you, I would never have called you here." Her face twists in anger. "If you have little shame, then do what I have asked of you and leave this place quietly."

"It's not me who should be ashamed." I glance at my mother's picture. "Anyway, I will do what you want because arguing with you will be a waste of my energy. I will pay respect to that man and leave."

My aunt hisses in anger. She keeps her mouth shut when she sees people taking pictures of us. I keep a poker face and sit down on my knees to pay my respects to the dead.

"I hate you. I hate her. Both of you can suffer in the afterlife together." I keep my voice low. "Don't rest in peace, you two. I curse you both. I curse your descendants to rot genital diseases for the rest of their lives, Kamiyama Shintaro."

"What did you say?" A chilling voice sends a shiver down my spine. I turn my head, and I find a man sitting next to me. He has intense dark eyes and porcelain skin. His dark hair is combed back, and even when he is angry, he looks beautiful.

Is it okay for a man to look this beautiful? Wait, is he wearing lipstick?

"How dare you curse my father and me?"

Oh, shit! He's Kamiyama Kiyohira, the eldest son of Kamiyama Shintaro.

I smile awkwardly. "Um, about that… I am well…Uh…"

"She's your step sister." My aunt appears out of nowhere. "She is here to pay her last respects."

"Respect?" The corners of his lips curl downward. "Are you sure?"

I get up and give him a slight bow. I walk out of the funeral house as fast as I can. Thankfully, he didn't stop me. I guess he didn't want to make a scene in front of so many people. 

Outside the funeral house, I try to catch my breath. I didn't know I wasn't breathing until I was outside. I nearly died because of those intense and piercing eyes.

"What the…" I punch my chest lightly. "Why did he suddenly appear like that? Did the old geezer want his son to hear what I was saying? He really is not resting in peace. My curse must have worked."

People are still coming in and out of the funeral house, and no one was paying attention to me. I'm going back home.

I take a taxi back to my house. I am back to my old life. Hopefully, there will be no more disturbances.

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