1 Introduction

//errors ahead//

no one knows what a smile can hide

everyone suffers from depression, anxiety, heavy problems but usually hide it in a bright smile

A smile that can make people think that you are fine. A smile that can make people think that you are happy and do not need help from others.

You may now see a person smiling brightly, but later on they are already dying from struggles.

Let us read courtney's story and how she managed to keep her gummy smile despite her depression and the problem we can't take.

//Work Of Fiction//

"D-David" Kira said while sharing david's umbrella with her.

"You are so beautiful Kira" David said while staring intently at her.

This is really a heart catching movie. Oh how i wish i can find a man to share his umbrella with me. Appreciating my beauty. And will be with me forever

But that would never ever happen to me

First, I have my own umbrella

Second, I dont have a beauty to appreciate

And lastly, forever doesn't exist.

This type of relationship only happens on movies.


I was so distracted by the movie i didn't even realize that i was about to bump on the school's door. Ouch it hurts.

"What a loser"

"Your head should've bumped harder"

"Blind weirdo"


I just smiled at the students then proceed to enter the school

"Courtney" I heard some familiar voice coming from the hall

"Dorothy" I screamed while running toward her to give her a hug

"I thought you're not coming to class today?" She asked while walking to class

Yes, i do told her yesterday that i might not go to class today. My mom doesn't have enough money to pay for the school bus fee and food for the recess.

"I changed my mind. I'll miss you ofcourse" I said while putting my hands on her shoulders and pull her closer to me

"Ofcourse you'll miss me. I'm your bestfriend afterall". She said then lay her head on my shoulders

"Bestfriend forever?" I asked

"Bestfriend forever" She assured me.

"Dorothy" Agatha said, the campus' most famous chick.

"Agatha" Dorothy replied and ran to her. Leaving me hanging.

"Why are you with courtney?" Agatha whispered to her but loud enough for me to hear

"I'm not. She just came up to me and hugged me like a freak". Dorothy denied.

Agatha just raised her eyebrow and replied "Hold my bag"

Agatha just came up to me and pushed me hard enough to make me fall and bump my head on the wall

"Stay away from my bestfriend. I'm warning you weirdo" She said

I just smiled at her "Okay".

"What are you smiling at? U really are weird" She said

I smiled again at her "I know"

"Let's go. Let's leave this creep" Dorothy said.

I just smiled at dorothy and stood up like nothing happened.

*the bell rang*

"watch this" agatha said coming up to me while holding a glass full of apple juice.

"aaaaaAaah" i screamed feeling the coldness of the juice she spilled on my uniform



"Creep girl"

"You don't belong in this school"

"Go away"

"Go to hell"

That's what students are saying while i try to take the juice off my white uniform.

This is the only uniform i have. My mom doesn't have enough money to buy me another shirt. So everyday i have to wash this and dry it so i can use it again for tomorrow.

I just looked at the students and smiled "Okay I'll leave"

"Why the fuck are you smiling"

"What a creep"

"You really are a weirdo"

"Go home weirdo"

I just saw agatha laughing her ass off while looking at me. On the other hand,Dorothy is looking at me sadly

I just smiled at them for the last time, grabbed my bag and left the school.

It was raining really hard. But i really don't have money to ride a bus so i just walked.

I saw students at the bus laughing and pointing at me. Because i was really wet and my bag is getting heavier.

"Courtney" I heard a unfamiliar voice coming from my back

"H-Hello?" I stuttered. I took off my glasses and wipe it with my wet skirt cause by the rain

When i finally dried it, i put it on again and look for the person who called me.

And there he is, A boy. I assumed he is 5'9 tall. Dark hair. Brown eyes. Pinkish lips. Pointed nose. White teeth. Has a really good skin color. Wow he is perfect.

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