Her Unfortunate Fate Turned Fortunate Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Her Unfortunate Fate Turned Fortunate


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Anna was a cheerful, fierce and brave girl she follows an eye to eye and tooth to tooth concept. But due to some unfortunate fate she met with an accident. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a unfamiliar place facing unfamiliar people. What's more shocking is she's no longer Anna Mantis. She's reincarnated as Yu Han who's a rich, soft, shy, caring and beautiful woman, surrounded by the people who love her, who hate her, who wants to hold her in there arm and protect her but also by the people who wants to see her in nothing but pain and wants her dead. Anna a.k.a Yu Han had finally adopted to her new body and surrounding. Her new life goal is only to take revenge for Yu Han's life. But fate has another plan for her, one day she has to go back to her ownself but the question is will she be able to leave the people who now has become part of her life, her family and her love?? ------- sneak peek "Hubby, do you want to be punished for bringing another woman here." Anna's eye had fire. Ji Yang smiled at his wife. "I'll be glad when you're the one punishing, I'm looking forward to it.." Ji Yang smirked. Anna is stupefied seeing his shamelessness. "..and don't worry Feng Yi is not with me.." He switched his position and now Anna is caged between his arms. "Now let's talk about your punishment for coming with another man here" His voice is low and seductive, Anna lost all her senses as he bit on her earlobe.


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