1 The first sight

It was a usual day, a common one. I woke up eager to start it. I went down took my breakfast and took a bath, change and headed to work.

I'm a natural sportif the type usually called half-boy or a tough girl. Yeah it's true that being sportif doesn't mean being a boy just that it was all me what could I do of that. Maybe do I really need help as says my mum.

Yeah I forgot my manners, I'm called Bee Dan. I come from a little family of three children, the Dan family, a mighty family on the country. I'm the only girl unfortunately or fortunately what can I say. I'm in my early twenties and I have a boyfriend the most kind guy in the world. Yeah I might be exaggerating but that's so to my eyes. I love him, for sure I do. We've been sweethearts since secondary his name is Will Bride. I work as a Server in a restaurant of five stars. I do this in order to be independent, I don't want to be a burden to my family, so I have to gain some coins for my own.

I'm also schooling, not yet graduated, thanks to the God's it's my last year this year. School is starting in two months so I better do my best to gain more before my hours and day start reducing, the pay us per hour so I better move fast.

As I was heading to work, I received a call from Will as always trying to make my day. Just that today he really was late with the call and if I did it first he will always complain so I decided no matter how late he's I'll just wait. While discussing with him I wasn't really paying attention to the road nor what was coming up . I couldn't hung up or ask him to wait till I reach work he might again be upset and I really didn't like seeing him upset. So we were discussing of nothing and everything and he was trying to give me his wishes for the day and at the same time I bombed into someone. He was wearing some black jeans and white t-shirts and a jacket on it. He had the most handsome completion I saw, he had grey eyes and pink lips. Those lips, sweet and adorable just as if they were to be suck all day, oh my Gosh his hair....

Just then I was brought back to reality " Miss are you hurt". That voice! it was melodious, it was angelic, it was devine and ....

"Miss..." he yelled. Just then i also heard Will on the other hand of the phone "Babe ... what's wrong, you weren't with me" without knowing I hung up and excuse myself to the guy: " I'm sorry I wasn't careful, I'm the one to ask if you're not hurt".

" Oh don't mind. Was it your boyfriend on the line ?" . Oh yeah I forgot I had the most handsome guy while dazing at this guy. I'm not single. Just clear all your thoughts Bee you're already in couple.

" Yeah, yeah it's a routine for us talking in the morning before starting the day". You must stay clam Bee you're not single.

" Oh lovebird! I'm Sean, you're?"

" Oh excuse my manners, I'm Bee"

" Bee, beautiful! So do you produce honey or you just bite". He had the most pleasant smile on his face

"Goodness! No. Known of them". I smiled back. Oh God, Work!

"I'm sorry Sean, I'm going to work I'll be leaving. Nice to meet you"

" Okay goodbye my honey producer" and he smiled again. God what a punishment you inflected to me do I really I've to meet him today. God!

Oh Lord Will! What should I tell? What do I say? I just hung up with no explanation. I'm right dead. Lord help me. I really need your help. Please. Let me first head to work I'll call him later.

Ah what a day, I didn't dream. Indeed I saw someone more handsome than my Will. Oh God I thought my feelings for Will were so strong that no other man could make me doubts. Then what was this? Sure enough just infutuation...

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