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Her One Smile


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" Why didn't you stop me when l was breaking up with you?" Cheng Xia asked while looking at her food. Wang Annyu stopped in his pace hearing her but he didn't look at her nither give any answer to her question. Then Cheng Xia looked at him , " You know, You had the ability to stop me then." Wang Annyu still didn't say anything but left to go to the kitchen. " Tsk.... rude." Cheng Xia said as she knew that very well that Annyu would never answer her questions about that. ............................................. Its a story about how our cute and crazy FL Cheng Xia and our aloof , cold ML Wang Annyu reunited again after their break up. And how Cheng Xia try to seduce our aloof Ml Wang Annyu again. Also how Xia help Annyu to get rid of his insomnia and nightmares and become his love of life. This story also features Wang Annyu's friends story as how they help Xia to seduce Annyu again but also their individual love story. (Author's note : If someone is try to look for a novel that is friendship base and also romantic then this one is for you. You can find comedy, romance, friendship, past, power , attitude everything in this novel.. And also a lots of characters and their individual love story is also can be seen here. So who loves to see not only main characters but also to see romance in side characters then you can give it a try. Also the cover photo is not mine and English is not my first language so plzzz ignore my grammer mistakes.. Its my first novel so l hope you all gonna give it a try... l can guarantee that it won't bore you...) Hi guys... My story is been contracted now and so l have start uploading it with a new name... Seducing Her Aloof Ex... https://m.webnovel.com/book/seducing-her-allof-ex.._25121184806197805 here is the link... so if u want to read my story plzz go there... Also to all my reader who have been supporting me plzz keep supporting me there... thank u...


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