1 Chapter 0

The boy sized her up, a girl, slight but tall, no way to tell her age. under the dirt her hands were fair, not work roughed, but not a lady's hands. Her gray eyes that flashed in the light, her stance conveyed elegance, but it also conveyed determination.

He had seen her earlier, on the wall that bordered the beach. He had been surprised that anyone would just sit and carelessly dangle their feet over the edge like that, if you fell from there you would flat out die, no way to survive that fall. At that time she was wearing a short silver dress, that had slits up both sides, and black leggings. Her hair shone in the moonlight, and those gray eyes had looked star struck. The final detail he had noticed then was that she had been playing the violin, singing, and together, the high trills of the violin and the reed like quality of her voice had pulled him in and took him somewhere otherworldly.

That violin was nowhere to be seen, yet now that he was closer he saw that her looks alone would take anyone, man or woman, to another dimension. She was wearing the same clothes, but now he could see that these clothes were made for fighting, strong, flexible, and they wouldn't inhibit her movements in the least. This little girl could have hoard of worshipers a her feet with a glance, and his boss had picked a fight with her.

He waited for her move, but when it came he still wasn't ready, she appeared to move faster than light, yet she seemed as light as a dandelion seed. Before he new it that silver blur had executed a series of moves that seemed ethereal, and he was lying on the ground, bleeding.

As his vision faded he heard that alien, impossible, beautiful singing. She was singing him to sleep.

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