Her Majesty Was Pregnant Before Entering the Palace Book

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Her Majesty Was Pregnant Before Entering the Palace

Gongsun Xiaoyue

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# REGENT # TWO-FACED A pregnant Jiang Ning limped into the Jiang family’s second home and met with the emperor, who was looking for a concubine for Prince Yu. Ladies from all the noble families participated in the selection, doing the best they could, but the flower landed on Jiang Ning, who was only watching for fun. Jiang Ning: ??? She didn’t want Prince Yu to be forced to take responsibility for her and her unborn child, so she tried her best to tell them that she was pregnant, but the whole world wouldn’t believe it. When she ate and threw up, they laughed and said she was pretending to be sick. When she was sleepy, they laughed and said she was pretending to be weak. When her belly grew bigger, they laughed and said she had eaten too much. Jiang Ning wanted doctors to look at her for proof, but all eighteen doctors that came agreed at the same time: “You’ve eaten too much!” *** Prince Yu was a handsome and confident young man. He raised his eyes to look at the blue sky, shining like a jade tree with a light breeze blowing past. That was the impression the imperial family and the people of Chang’an City had of him, the fifth prince. However, the real Prince Yu was ruthless and cruel, and he used women without hesitation. He knew that the Jiang family’s second madam was the emperor’s dream woman and that the Jiang family’s daughter whom they had just recovered looked exactly the same as the second madam when she was young. So, even though the girl was crippled, he threw the embroidered flower in his hand at her. *** After getting married, he knew that he had received the burden of her and her unborn child, but for the sake of the throne, even though he loathed her to the core, he had to pretend to pamper her, up until…


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