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Her little sweethearts


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Drunk and drugged thats the level of low some people like Haru Choi would go to just to ruin her sisters life the plan sucseeded she did not expect 5 years later her comimg back with three adorable little buns Aera was determined to get her revenge on thoes who wronged her but... Someone changed her life forever Ok this is inspired by a bunch of books I've read and I do love the concept it was based on but it is overused so I'm going to tweak it a little, if there's anything you would like to see/read happen let me know by commenting I will read all comments and like them, maybe even reply thanks for reading it (if you have or willing to). The upload date is undecided but I will try to do 1-2 chapters daily, I'm unsure of the time of upload but it will most likely be in the afternoons.Thank you.


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