1 Her secret lover

Kate was a normal girl she, went to a local school in a big city. she was on her way to the school she called hell. Then this boy run out of an ally and bumps into Kate then she falls and scraps her knee, he looks down at the girl. Kate sees his shadow was long and thin you could tell that he had curly hair, she looks up at him "Are just going to stand there help me get up"

Then it was silence for a moment then he laughed at me not like laugh at a joke but like who do you think I am laugh. He offers his hand to help her "The name's Xavier". She takes his hand "Xavier huh that sounds nice". He pulls her up back to her feet.

She suddenly felt like she would regret meeting that boy but she brushed it aside for know she Dusted herself off the best way she could. "So where you going Xavier" She smiled at the end of her sentence.

Xavier got lost in Kates blue eyes like they where pools just for him to dive into then he thinks to himself "God please let this girl be mine and only mine to hold and smile with. Her eyes are so godamn beautiful like the the night sky with the stars shining so bright I think, I am falling for this girl, I just met" he looks at her lips

"Hello are you with me Xavier" Kate waves her hand in front of his face

"Oh ya sorry I am going to the highschool 4 blocks down street" He rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment and smiles.

"I go to the same school, I walk with you and help you find your way around the school and we might have some class together too" She say with a cheery tone in voice. she was thinking to herself "yay, I made a new friend today the guys are going to be so happy that I am making friends"

Xavier smiled "Nice I have one friend so far and you don't have to help me if you don't want too cause what you get behind in class"

she laughs in sweet tone she says "Honey, i am the class nerd i am the best student that school has and don't worry about me, I can help you with your homework to if you want me to or if you don't understand something you get what i am trying to say right"

Xavier kept smiling "I get what your trying to say we should start to walk to school before were late"

kate nods she starts walking with Xavier

~~~~time skip cause i am lazy~~~~

we walked into the school then, I walked Xavier to the office so we could get his schedule the office lady printed it and handed to Xavier then said hi Kate she waved back. I walked up to Xavier to look at the schedule we had all class together Kate looked up at Xavier

"We have all of are classes together even are lockers are together wow" she grab his hand lead him to there lockers then she let go she went to open her locker the he looked at the paper and then opened the locker then the plastics started to walk over to Kate .

"loser what are you doing with a guy like that" she flirts with him but he not having it Xavier say " she not a loser she my friend and she has a name its Kate get it right and get your hands off of me" i look down the turn around grab my stuff then Xavier grab his stuff he needs for math class and we walk to class.

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