"Namjoon! Kim Namjoon! No sleeping in class!" My head shot up as Ms. Park pointed me out. "Yes!?" i said out not knowing what was going on. "Detention!" she yelled "Wait what? why?" i asked clueless. "For sleeping, not paying attention, and yelling at me!' she yelled explaining. She went back to the lecture. I groaned and looked out the window.

There she was

Looking as beautiful as she is.

She was playing soccer.

Her long brown hair flowing in the wind

Her bright blue eyes shining

Her heart smile she showed everyone

Her perfectly white teeth



"Class dissmissed except for you Mr. Kim" Ms. Park said.

I sat down and saw someone walk but didn't pay attention on who it was

"Ahhh Ms. Jung you came instead of ditching!" Ms. Park said fake happily.

My head snapped in that direction and saw 'HER'.

"Ms. Park im having trouble with this Math problem could you help me?" asked 'HER'.

"I don't teach math i teach science..ask Namjoon since he's so smart" she said sarcastically.

She stood up and walked over to me.

Her hips swayed back and forth.

She showed her smile then leaned foward on my desk.

"Heyy" she said smiling

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