2 Prologue


I lay down on the bed not knowing what to do. I applied for ten companies but still no one accepted me. Why is it that? I graduated with a higher degree as a business woman, I want to be in the office but at least none of my recipients say 'I have no experience', I dare say that 'sir how can I have experience, I will graduate I just need money from my sick mother. '

When I graduated from college, I wasted no time directly working for a living. Maybe I'm just really unlucky now, it doesn't matter while there is life and boredom, even if I'm not lucky maybe next time, god will take care of it.

And maybe I'll just find a new place to stay, I'm also ashamed of my aunt, I don't even give anything, maybe when I start working. just wait.

"Preciousse!" I heard a shout from my aunt who was already knocking on the door, I immediately opened it.

"Why po_" I could not continue what I was about to say when he screamed immediately. "Tita, a-ano po ang_"

"You are lucky .."

I'm confused to look at it, I was not even hired at work after luck?

"Aunt, please correct me." I told him seriously but he just screamed again. "Ang gulo nyo_" she cut my words again by giving his mobile phone.

Curiosity filled my worlds, I accepted his mobile pH. "What is this?"

"Just grab it." I immediately obeyed.

"Hello?" I opened the other line.

"Preciousse Almonte right?" Question on the other line.

"Yes, what can I do for you?"

"This is secretary of Mr. Monteverde and I want you to congratulate that you are hiring now, you will start tomorrow. Congratulate you are now an employee of Monteverde Buildings Company."

I restrain myself from screaming too much.

"Thanks you, you will not regret it."

"I just want you to remind me to be ready and you must be presentable. Anyways congrats again."

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I waited for her call to end and when that was over I ran inside where my aunt was watching TV.

I kept calling it and he was also surprised. "I'm welcome!" I kept saying.

"I told you so. Congrats." She hug me.

"Monteverde Buildings Company." I said with my hand still up.

"So when are you going to start?"

"Tomorrow." I kept saying it again and at the same time hugged my aunt again.

Thanks God! I can also achieve what I hope to receive from a company that is famous and well-known around the world.

Yeah! I tried to apply to that company, even though it was impossible for me to get in, I still tried.

At first I was discouraged because the company I first applied to was not really accepted here by the famous company.

I can't help but smile, who wouldn't be happy when you find a job?

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