4 Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"Hey! You're late." Auntie wakes me up.

How can I wake up in this time, I almost finished, No! I finished what my boss asked to me and I almost fell asleep in the morning, because I'm not used to not finishing what I have to do in time ... maybe because Mama's advice to me.

"Pekka-boo!" I was so shocked because of my aunt. "You know you were so silent, why? Share it."

"You know I'm going to be late, I'll fix it first aunt I'll tell you later and I'll also tell you something when I arrive." I said and ran into the CR but before I entered I looked at it again.

"Hmm ... it's just a secret!"

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"Child, it really is ... what is it that you are going to miss!"

"Hmm ... my boss is hot." I said and immediately went to the bathroom to take a bath because I knew my aunt when I said hot she would disappear and she would tease me to tell a story, because she is a single mom, because her husband died a few years ago and in case her son is in her husband family, sometimes she visited but often only when she has time.

Maybe if we are together, the people might mistake and say that we are a mother and daughter because we were both acting and how to move maybe I inherited here while mama's is resemblance with my appearance.

After I got ready, I went to the company until now I still can't believe that I work here, Monteverde is one of the well-known companies in the whole country ... It helped a lot in treating my mother who is in the province and recovering there. , she doesn't even want me to go to Manila because she said that manila is so chaotic and messy polluted area but not everyone probably has a part really, but mama also did nothing when I decided to work here I immediately called my aunt I live here and now I have a job that still makes a lot of money.

I kept walking and I didn't notice that there was anyone.

"Shit" screamed the woman I bumped into, in fact she was the one who crashed directly because I was walking and then she came down just fine and I was humble, I looked up at the woman and based on the clothes she is Rich and elegantly looks like a model that no matter what the style, it is embarrassing when you compare it to what I am wearing, it looks like my dress looks rags and if it moves prefessional.

"Sorry Miss." I was about to touch it when it suddenly shook my hand.

"Don't you dare to touch me" and she rolled her eyes. "look at you self_." it did not continue to be said by someone who called it.

"Yvonne." a familiar voice said.

When I looked at the caller, my heart suddenly pounded.

"Babe!" The woman shouted and met Sir.

"Miss me, I haven't even left you miss me yet." said Yvonne and hugged Raille tightly.

What is this Sir?

"Wait, am I mad at my boss?" said my mind.

I don't know what happened next, it's because the gossiped, I left immediately, I don't want to see Yvonne's face, it's very fake, when I was in front of the angel looks but evil, my eyes were glazing, but when my boss is come her suddenly became an angel.

I took a deep breath before deciding to go to my office, and when I entered I was surprised that I did not have all my things, I did not make a mistake where I went before I came out and there was a woman, her face was gentle and it looked friendly. .

"Hi! If I'm not mistaken, You're the secretary." She says modestly.

"Yes! Hmm ... are you an employee here?" I asked as the woman laughed.

"Nope, Raille is my cousin and if you look to your things." she pointed to Sir's office. "hmm ... That's where your office is from now on."

My eyes widened when she suddenly pulled me and sent me to Sir's office,I can't believe and there's a table facing each other, how can I work it out properly if Sir just stares, I will not focus on my work.

"Shouldn't the secretary and boss be together so I decided to have your office here too so that my cousin won't have a hard time visiting you."

I let out a deep sigh before turning to the women standing in front of me. "wait uhmm ..." I interrupted what I was about to say again.

"Anyways. Don't be afraid, my cousin knows this and actually he planned it just let me out ... I think Raille has an interest in you." he said and raised his eyebrows.

"Hmm ... By the way My name is Haille Drea Montefalco and your name is?" He said and held out his hand in front of me.

"Preciousse Almonte." I said and saw when I shook his hand.

"So friends." I was surprised by what he said, because it is different from the rich, you are almost my age, I am just friendly and there is no art, unlike Yvonne, that is super art.

"Preciousse in the world." She shouted that makes me so shocked.

"Y-yes, we are friends." I said smiling at it.

"You know right !, You're so gorgeous and your common sense ... obviously you have a beautiful face, look at yourself simple in short you are an ideal girl, so we are friends ha! And friends are always together and always there." Haille said that makes me happy. "by the way I have to go bye best friend."

"Goodbye." and I waved at him.

Haille is funny, I just had a best friend again, when I was in elementary school I had the best I was kind, then I always ate and went home at the same time it was Aira case when we graduated from elementary school and went to high school Suddenly my parents sent me to a country to study there and On my first day of high school I was alone and always in the corner and crying, until someone approached my friends Akira, Amanda and Kesha I considered the best friend because they gave me advice and encouraged me, in case Akira and Amanda accidentally liked Dock and Hammock and it was right when Dock was flirting with me and Hammock was my friend. Akira and Amanda used me to get close to Dock and Hammock and did not know that Dock was flirting with me, they rejected me in the troupe because I was a real friend and I was not too hurt by what was said as a word, I talked to Kesha then I feel like I broke up with two of them ... happy day I avoided two guys because my classmates always bullied me and Since I went to college I was alone I was alone with no one talking but it didn't last long. Once when I was in college, Lucas tried to make friends with me, even though he was a man. I agreed that our relationship would be okay in case two weeks later, he tell his feelings to me , but I said we are just friends and there was nothing more, so the next day I tried to talk him but he even asked what my name was and he said he did not remember me. I was embarrassed there and since I graduated from college I have no friends.

And I'm thankful that I have a friends , maybe Haille is different because based on her face, you know that her face is gentle and I know that Haille and I will get along, maybe in a few days we will be together, we will meet each other and I'm sure there.

"You think deeply Preciousse." I immediately confronted in the who was speak.

I was so socked because I'm in the middle of way of thinking when there was a baritone voice filled in my ear.

"Sorry Sir just thinking." I apologize.

"So my cousin told you ... okay its time to work Preciousse."

Nasabi ?? ang alin?

Am I moving here? Or did Haille say that she was interested in me? And the way he pronounces my name seems to be getting better and I like that.

My feeling is so weird ! I sat down in the swivel chair and took the papers from the cabinet I finished last night. I was ready to stand so that I could give it to him with a stack of papers.

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