Her Failing Heart Book

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Her Failing Heart


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“Nate, come here please.. I thought you’d draw me a big heart!” Claret sulked after Nate walked out of the room without telling her but of course she’d notice! “I thought you said you’d do everything for me..” This almost four year old Claret cried over being left alone in the room now. A big room always makes her heart pound faster every time. But the sound of the door unlocking made her whip her head up just a few seconds later. Nate entered with water colors and colored pens. “Wow! Those are amazing and many!” Claret exclaims. Long forgotten her sulking. “Wouldn’t it be nice Claret that I’d paint your heart with a lot of colors, see?” Nate had that airy in between word spoken sound as he is having a two front broken teeth. To which Claret giggled on. “Oh, Nate, I’d love that but you have to repair your broken teeth first so you’d be my handsome prince!” Claret spoke and then giggled. “I’d repair my teeth and I’d repair your heart too, you’ll see.” Said Nate with so much conviction that made Claret once again giggle because of his toothy speech. “But you see, I don’t want to be a prince! I want to be a doctor and save everyone’s life. I think that includes you too.” Nate retorted as convinced as ever be and even pointed Claret by the end of his sentence for emphasis. By this time, Nate went to his mother who was talking to Claret’s mother amusingly as the two witnessed that sweet exchanges of their children and also, to fetch Claret. His friend, Claret, no longer attentive to anyone as she’s now very busy coloring her heart with the colored pens he just brought with him right back. “Mom, why does Claret always want me to be a prince? I want to be a doctor and save everyone!” Nate toothily complained to his mother which took her and Claret’s mother by surprise and sooner amused. His mom then went down on foot to his level and assured, “Don’t worry, son, you can be a doctor and still be a prince all at once.” “Really?” Amazed at his mother’s statement, Nate’s eyes went wide. Julie, Claret’s mother spoke this time, “Really, Nate.” “I’d love that!” Said Nate in glee and ran back to Claret who was now coloring a different heart. After all, Nate is still Nate who’d do everything in his power to repair and restore Claret’s failing heart.


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