Her Eyes Can See Me
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Her Eyes Can See Me


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What is Her Eyes Can See Me

Her Eyes Can See Me is a popular web novel written by the author Mechaletra, covering Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 29.6K readers with an average rating of 4.8/5 and 24 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 32 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Due to a twist of events, Jayden cannot be seen by people except for those who feel extreme happiness. And there are only two people who can see him most of the time: his friend and a girl named Julie whom he encountered at an unexpected time and in mysterious way. These three will find out the past of Jayden and unfold the secrets that was kept for hundreds of years. Will they manage to believe all the secrets that are continuously revealing?

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Hi peepz! Author here! This will be my first story that has a wider range of readers so I'm a bit nervous but I hope to hear a lot from you. Criticize...anything that will help me do a better job on this craft. I hope that this story will show you some touching perspective in life. Thank you and have fun reading!


This is a very interesting story! It's eye catching and well develope. Kudos to the author keep on writing ang sharing your thoughts. I would love to read more of your stories.


This Is excellent!! So far its kinda rare to find books that express what a character feels like youre characters do in the book. ilI just finished chapter 1 and im hooked. im interested in what the story has in store for julie. Ive added this to my reading list😇


The plot is interesting. I have read so many stories here but this one is like playing sad songs on my mind. there's a lot of problems that piqued my interest and I would love to read more of this


I read the first few chapters of this book and I find it really captivating. I love Julie anyways,😂... I love the way it feels like the characters are here talking to me....the story line is also good...kudos to the author 🙌🏽🙌🏽🖤


Great work author.. I can't help myself but keep reading.. You did a great job here "Her Eyes Can See Me", and I love the structuring of your storyline, it is really fine..I won't be wrong to call it a masterpiece.. This one got me, I know I won't be free from this trap, because the compelling force that keeps me in is so strong. This is very commendable.. I.recommend this amazing masterpiece as an excellent read. Kudos author


Right off the hook, the synopsis has pique my interest as the plot elements used in this story is unique. Its not everyday I come across an immersive world building, with chatacters that slowly grew attached to me as a reader!! Love the story ❤️


I love how the character's are designed and how descriptive every chapter is! and this is one hell of a highly recommended story! Kudos writer! 😊


I love it. This is an amazing work you've got here🥺. I'm hooked. I love the soft and gentle feel of your book, it's soothing in a way❤. I found a few grammatical errors here and there but other than that, this is an amazing work of art. Keep up the good work dear❤🌹🥺


For those who want to read a unique story, this one is the most suitable for you. It definitely is not cliché and has an unpredictable twists. The author must have a brilliant mind which came up to this amazing story. To you author, keep up the good work and continue your passion!💜💜💜


Hallo ate lex!💕 congratulations and goodluck sa book mo. I hope magpatuloy tuloy pa to. Publish more great books in the future we love you😘💕💕


A highly recommended story for those who's looking for a plot that's not as cringey as the stories nowadays💓 It is not your typical romance genre so give it a try, read it and maybe you'll love it *winks*


For a type of story written for the first time by the author, this is truly a very good one and not the typical romantic cringey stuff you read online nowadays. The plot, the characters, almost everything is perfect, it’s very interesting. I’m not really into reading, I read the synopsis first, If I like it I will continue reading, this story is one of those. It will get you hooked right from the start. The author did really well on writing the story, best of luck on your journey as a writer. I’m rooting for you.


This book is clearly not your conventional one. That's it's strength and advantage, if you want something new and fresh then here is your right destination. Well, the author tried in piecing the world together and the characters. Keep it up, your novel is amazing.


The plot is in different kind and this kind of stories are really interesting to read. I haven't read all of it but surely it will be great and will let me feel different kind of emotions. If you're looking for something different to read, this will definitely be best answer. Continue writing and share us more of your masterpiece, Author❤️😭


The plot is interesting not a typical story for a rookie writer...because mostly of our rookie writers nowadays are into writing romance and "kilig" stuffs. Pls continue to write stories with life lessons 😘


The only thing that i can say is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH cuz this might be the author's very first story but it seems like it can compete with many other stories, the story development is very clean, but it also gives u a bit of confusion because of some mysterious happenings and unexpected revelations🕶️


The synopsis Intrigued me a lot, I always read the synopsis for a clue about the future/present/past plots of the story and I liked what it was written. even though I only finished reading chapter 1, my thoughts and emotions was filled with sorrow and sympathy after Julia's attempt to rid herself into this world but chooses the right path to protect her pregnant mother who was violated in her past. I could somehow feel the rhythm and flow of the words that expresses Julia's deep emotions, which is why this book deserves a lot of credits. Keep on this amazing book, Author! I can't wait to read more!


Reveal spoiler


A story full of angst. Whose cutting onions here? I like fantasy genre very much and when I read the synopsis my interest peaked. But I have to tell you one thing. Plz put trigger warning signs in synopsis or atleast at the beginning of the paragraph so that you and you readers both remain safe. All the best and good luck.


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