Her Downfall: Live Your Life To The Fullest Book

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Her Downfall: Live Your Life To The Fullest


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Life is fair and the world is fair too, yet people makes it unfair and complicated. God give us a life to do our mission. Every person experiences a struggle, challenges, difficulties and obstacles in life that make us stronger; a life that full of ups and down so you can feel happiness, sadness and pain. God let us experience all of these to balance our balance and to be stronger. They are some point that we want give up then someone will be there to make you feel your worth but eventually he will be out of your life because his just a part of your life not for a lifetime. Nicole Louise Anne Cole Madrigal an invisible girl on the people around her but someone will come to her a shoulder to cry on and always there for her. Witness her painful experiences that will lock her in darkness. What if one day the person is invisible to you is sick? What will you do?


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